What is the best Prodigy record?

What is the best Prodigy record?

On The Prodigy Fanboy Forum, we are chatting about all the albums. In particular, what is the best all round Prodigy record? Cannot be your favourite. Just a record that represents the band the best.…

The Electro Legends Series- Prodigy Edition

New Prodigy Album “Coming Together”

The follow up to Invaders Must Die is “coming together” and “feeling good”, according to the band’s trusted advisor Nick Halkes, formerly the founder of XL Recordings. Speaking in a new Prodigy digital special for…

Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned

What Is Your Favourite AONO Video Clip?

Alright Fanboys, we’re ending another poll and starting our first one for 2013. So, in our last poll we asked: What is your favourite Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned video clip? The results are pretty much…

Invaders Must Die Era Font Download

Note of the author, Crash Scene is a free font based on Prodigy’s logo (IMD Era), made from the scratch. It’s free, see more details in license file. Cheers! Credit: Zach via Fanboy Contact.