Fanboy Opinion: Is this “Fanboy Edit” of Invaders Must Die the best Prodigy album?

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Fanboy Opinion: Is this "Fanboy Edit" of Invaders Must Die the best Prodigy album?
Fanboy Opinion: Is this “Fanboy Edit” of Invaders Must Die the best Prodigy album?

Before I begin, Liam if you’re reading this. I will do anything to make this happen! There are some edits in my “Fanboy Edit” that don’t have a studio release. I think I’m not alone & many fans would love to see this.

Been thinking a lot lately about what is my favourite Prodigy record. For so many years, it was hands down Jilted Generation. The record that takes you on a journey from start to finish.

Then in 2009, the boys dropped Invaders Must Die. The band back together record, the party record. The record that captured most of what The Prodigy is all about. You could say, it captures all elements of The Prodigy.

Since then, my favourite record has pretty much been Invaders Must Die & Jilted Generation as both #1.

For me, Jilted is hard to let go because it’s something I grew up on you know & I think it’s that feeling that holds me back. Otherwise Invaders Must Die would definitely hit at #1.

However, what if this could happen. An updated release of the Invaders Must Die record. As you know, tracks evolve as the boys play live. The tracks grow.. & become something even bigger.

So if there was ever to be an updated version (which will never happen), this would be (in my opinion) the best Prodigy record ever.

  1. Invaders Must Die (Album Edit)
  2. Omen (Single Extended Edit)
  3. Unstoppable (Birmingham ’08 Edit)
  4. Thunder (Thunder Dub Greece Edit)
  5. Take Me To The Hospital (Milton Keynes Edit)
  6. Warriors Dance (Milton Keynes Edit)
  7. Run With The Wolves (With Extra Keith Live Lyrics, example: Milton Keynes)
  8. Beat 55
  9. Invaders (Liam H Re-Amped Edit)
  10. Worlds On Fire (Summer Sonic ’08 Edit)
  11. Comanche / The Big Gun Down
  12. Stand Up (Album Edit)

I know having two edits of Invaders might be much for some. But for me, both hold to their own… both are great. Taken out Colours & Piranha, both never clicked with me… the biggest let down is that Unstoppable was not on the record & in my opinion, it’s a lot better than Mescaline. Comanche is a killer track, again,,, wish it was on there. Killer track like that to finish off & fade out the album with Stand Up.

What are your thoughts? Is this edit of Invaders Must Die better than original? What would you change? Tell us on Fanboy Forum here:

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