Video Interview with Maxim

Video Interview with Maxim

This is one of the best interviews with Maxim in quite some time, I really enjoyed this. Really great interview by Ekektro Magazine. Maxim is our main man, I’m a huge fan so it’s great…

Maxim Interview - Hot Seat

Maxim Interview – Hot Seat

The MC from The Prodigy answers some curveball questions… Maxim is best known as the MC from The Prodigy, probably still the biggest and most dangerous electronic act on the goddamn planet. He’s the vocalist…

Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim are The Prodigy.

Malta Is Where It All Happens

The boys were interviewed over at Two things have my attention! “As we move closer to the release of the album, we are popping even more bits and pieces. Obviously we don’t want to give…

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