Keith Flint Interviewed by Della Richardson

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Keith Flint Interviewed by Della Richardson
Keith Flint Interviewed by Della Richardson

Thanks to Kev from Fanboy Forum for giving us the heads up.

Neat interview with Flinty, nothing mayor but a nice insight in a few things. Good to hear Spitfire get a mention. AONO doesn’t ever get any love these days…

In previous interviews you’ve said your music is a reaction to what’s going on around you, what kind of thing could this be and is there anything at the moment?

Keith: That can be anything from the atmosphere your recording it in, so like the studio can be very sterile because obviously it’s a sound proof box so the vibe is down to the people in there, so it meant that we could break out and go into Notting Hill and soak up some of the market if it was on, or go into record shops, so it energises you to go back into the studio and brings the energy to the music. Playing live is always the best reminder of why you’re writing the music; you know when you’re in the studio it is a very sterile environment and sometimes it can be very boring if Liam’s just working on some beats and bits and pieces. As much as they’re always exciting, not every minute of recording time can be like that.

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