The Prodigy Live at T Festival 1995 Skopje

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The Prodigy Live at T Festival 1995 Skopje
The Prodigy Live at T Festival 1995 Skopje

This is a VHS-rip part of Prodigy’s performance at T Fesitval, held in Skopje (at the hall of the Skopje Fair) on the 5th of December, 1995

1. Their law
2. Jericho
3. Brainstorm (Rock ‘N’ Roll)
4. Firestarter
5. Voodoo people
6. Molotov Bitch
7. No Good (Start The Dance)
8. Breathe

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  • higgs

    aw man, i was only 5, i only knew of them when i was 7 when their album went multi-platinum and were killing off illuminati satanic bands like the spice girls . i would kill to have experienced breathe then and there

  • I absolutely love the old school video’s of The Prodigy, so dark, so hardcore, such good memories!

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    I too was the same age. Wish I was 18 when Experience came out and then travel during these times. Spice girls was the worst thing ever.

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Bring back Leeroy!

  • Molotov Bitch sounds so raw and banging live, I think I’ve never heard a live rip of it. I’d go nuts if I heard these beats somewhere :D

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Very well said. It would be nuts to hear this track live! I highly doubt it would ever happen again tho.

  • Ivan

    wow , I was there on the same place but ten years after … 2005 gig in Skopje was celebration for me I was 18 then! I can not describe that feelings…

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    18! Nice! Yeah, I understand mate. The excitement! Nothing compares to it! Real & raw experience!