What Track do you want at Warriors Dance Festival Belgrade?

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Warriors Dance Festival Belgrade Serbia
Warriors Dance Festival Belgrade Serbia

During the week, we ask you guys the fans on our Facebook Page. What tracks you’d like to hear live at Warriors Dance Festival Belgrade. However it cannot be any of the tracks from Warriors Dance Festival Milton Keynes.

I myself, am wanting to see Girls live. I was lucky enough to experience it live in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. It was massive, so good! Ben Bloxsome from our Facebook Page said Funky Shit, which reminded me on an idea I had earlier.. that it would be neat if the boys played the track for MCA…

Anyhow, here is the low down:

At Warriors Dance Festival Milton Keynes, the boys played Worlds On Fire, Breathe, Omen, Colours, Poison, Thunder, Warriors Dance, Firestarter, Run with the Wolves, Weather Experience, Voodoo People. Mindfields, Omen reprise Invaders, Diesel Power, Smack, Hospital Everybody in the place, No Good, Charly, Their Law & Out of space. At Warriors Dance Belgrade, what tracks besides the above do you wish the boys would play? Not including the New Jetfighter Era tracks. I’m hoping for Girls!

  • Juho Pike Vauhkonen Thunder (original)
  • Todor Smf Milev rhythm of life,break and enter !!!
  • Ben Bloxsome Funky shit or girls!
  • Carl Stroud Got to be Serial Thrilla or Your Love!! :) Good luck for WDF boys!! (“,)
  • Leon Murray Funky shit !
  • Marc Shinner “Wake-up” to intro into “girls”, “Hot ride”.
  • Adam Tex Wearing Spitfire
  • Jovana Batajic Warning, Stand up, Girls, Baby’s got a temper, You will be under my wheels.. i hope that is enough :)
  • Gonçalo Machado ROL and Skylined
  • Neilio Overton Another for Rhythm Of Life. Would be amazing if they did Skylined complete with lazers like Weather Experience @ MK
  • Todor Smf Milev GABBA!!!
  • Ian Elzeser Wind it Up, Gabba, Fire, Your Love, ROL, One Love, Break & Enter!!!!!!
  • Craig Milner Your love
  • Kurt van Vinckenroye one love , jericho and pandemomium ’cause they never play those ;(
  • gael

    Jericho, Serial Thrilla and Fuel My Fire!

  • I was hoping for any track from AONO album but no luck :[ . It was still a great show

  • Mafo

    babys got a temper

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    I wish this track came back. Even the boys seem to put a lot of hate behind it.

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Well yeah, no luck at all. Heard a lot of hardcore fans were somewhat disappointed however casual fans loved it! I think we were all expecting a fourth new track and also some older tracks coming back for the night.

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Jericho would go mad!