Liam blog: “underdogs”

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Liam blog: "underdogs"
Liam blog: "underdogs"

“We finally did a gig ! las vegas last night .  we smashed it up . felt good being the underdogs and not havin the massive production of the main band , we rise to that situation . stage is kinda odd triangular shape goin into crowd , but being on top of each other coz its a small space was cool ,,, lookin forward to rest of it now we rollin ,,,  respect to linkin park boys . san diego tonite, bring it !
over and out
Master H”

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Triangular stage? That is odd.. Well, for The Prodigy anyway. Good to hear they feel like underdogs, this will bring them out banging!

  •  Thank you very much for sharing.