The Prodigy Announce New Single & Album Coming Soon

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The Prodigy Announce New Single & Album Coming Soon
The Prodigy Announce New Single & Album Coming Soon

Now this news came out of nowhere. Liam Howlett announce via Instagram, that him & the boys are releasing a new single this fall & a new album early next year. This was a major surprise as Liam always said lately that they’re done with albums & will be concentrating on releasing EPs…

This news came to me overnight. I was still asleep & I saw the notification. Getting all excited n’ all but I was so wrecked I fell back asleep. I woke up thinking that I had this awesome dream that the boys are releasing a single & album. I was ahh good dream, shame it’s not real. Then I look at my iPhone, with a million notifications. Thinking, ahh holy fuck it’s real. Mind blown, great news, great surprise. Well done to the boys for tricking us.

It is kinda weird tho. Nothing has been tested live. Or has it? We have absolutely no idea what direction the boys are going for this time round. There has been a few hints & leaks, Brother Culture… Dizzee Rascal… Shahin Badar… all 99% involved for sure. Then wild guesses, Dog Bite & Benny Blanco.

So there’s a single coming this fall, then the album early next year. So this single will carry them into next year ’till album release. Whatever it is, must be massive to carry that weight… plus I’m sure they’ll release snippets or YouTube clips along the way.

Also expect more details from Liam’s Instagram, major tour & new merchandise

The boys have also signed a worldwide record deal with BMG, which you can ready about here.

Man, you know. This is honestly the best. Such a good time. These are the best times. New era. I get to do my old school routine & walk to the store. Get that single or album (even tho I would have already bought a few copies online). Come home, hold that case in my hand, kick back, close my eyes & enjoy the new sound.

We are chatting about the new beats on Fanboy Forum.


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