ORDER NOW! We Eat Rhythm: The Prodigy Story Part 1 – New Book by Martin James

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ORDER NOW! We Eat Rhythm: The Prodigy Story Part 1 - New Book by Martin James
ORDER NOW! We Eat Rhythm: The Prodigy Story Part 1 – New Book by Martin James

We Eat Rhythm is a prestige limited edition reworking of the acclaimed biography of The Prodigy. It features brand new and exclusive interviews, photos and illustrations and covers the period from the band’s emergence to the release of the highly controversial ‘Baby’s Got a Temper’. It will be followed in 2018 by the biography We Live for Beats that takes a close look at the Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned to The Day is My Enemy era.

ORDER HERE: https://igg.me/at/A7cGjfnXIOM/x/14929718

ORDER HERE: https://igg.me/at/A7cGjfnXIOM/x/14929718

We Eat Rhythm – the story of The Prodigy Part 1

A few questions answered:

Q. Who is Martin James? (for those who don’t know)

I’ve known the band for over 20 years and have been the band’s official campaign biographer for the last five albums, including acclaimed studio sets Always Outnumbered Never OutgunnedInvaders Must Die and The Day is My Enemy. I also provided the album essay for the compilation Their Law.

We Eat Rhythm takes my previous book length biography of the band as a starting point and explores with greater depth information that has come to light in the intervening years. It will include previously unpublished interviews with Liam Howlett as well as numerous people involved with the band.

Finally published as I’d always intended We Eat Rhythm  is totally unofficial but written with full cooperation of the band and their management. It.will be the definitive version of my biography of The Prodigy.

Q. You’ve been talking about a new book for years now. What happened?

It took me some while to regain the rights to the book from the previous publishers. When they sold their catalogue to a new company this rights reversion wasn’t made clear and the new publishers thought they owned the rights to the book. After this was sorted I signed a new book deal but the publishers stitched me up and it took a while to get released from that contract. Which is why I’m self publishing this now. Independent and underground – like The Prodigy

More recently I suspended work on the books at the request of the band’s management. They were deeply involved in the campaign and tours for The Day is My Enemy and this book could have posed a distraction. I have always enjoyed a close working relationship with everyone involved with the band and count many as my friends, so I happily complied with their wishes.

Q. Why publish a third version of the book?

The previous editions of the biography were published according to the outlines presented by publishing companies. As a result I was forced to compromise in key areas. This version will be as I’d wanted it to be with far more contributions from The Prodigy family, wider industry and fans.

Q. You’ve divided the story into two books. Are you just trying to double your money and take advantage of the fans?

First of all I should make it clear that I have yet to make a single penny of profit from either of the previous books. Once the shops had negotiated cheaper rates and publishers had taken their cuts neither Adventures with the Voodoo Crew nor The Prodigy recouped their costs, which meant no royalties for the author (me!).  I did receive small advances but in each case these covered less than a month’s income – so they were largely written out of love and respect for the band!

I decided to divide the story into two books because I felt the full story couldn’t be told otherwise. It would have become a hugely edited version of events and go nowhere near to doing the band justice.Both books together as full versions would number 220,000 words which would be extremely expensive as one book. So this way works better for those of us who like detail.

Finally, it was agreed with the band’s management that the story would be published in two parts in order to work with their own future plans.

Q. Why should we buy this book when it’s not official?

As ever I’ve worked closely with band and management to fit with their campaigns and to present something they will also be proud of. It’s my perception of events and will act as the perfect accompaniment to any autobiographies the band, or its individual members might produce in the future.

Q. Will there be a regular paperback or digital edition?

Yes. After the second instalment of the biography (We Live for Beats Prestige Edition) of the biography there will be a version with both books compiled and edited. This will be called We Eat Rhythm We Live for Beats . This version will be the one that is sold into shops and will not include as many photos, illustrations etc.

Digital versions will be available through the Kindle store. We Eat Rhythm will be available early 2017.

What We Need & What You Get

The prestige edition We Eat Rhythm will come as a never-to-be-repeated, individually numbered, limited edition hardback run of only 1,000. It will not be published again in this format.

The minimum requirement of £5,000 will guarantee all initial backers copies of the book and will enable me to finish work on it by covering expenses etc. This is a minimum target which means pledges will continue to be accepted until the edition run of 1,000 is reached. After this no more pledges will be accepted.

Everyone who pledges will receive the book and an automatic 10% discount off We Live for Beats – The story of The Prodigy Part 2 (to be published in 2018 – according to the band’s wishes).

Book costs will include payment for expenses, images, design, printing and distribution.

A percentage of any profits will go to a charity of the band’s choice.

Risks & Challenges

This will be the tenth book I’ve published so I am well used to dealing with every stage of book production. However the main risks would be with publication deadlines which could be effected by production processes. In addition such unforeseen occurrences as paper shortage or distribution issues (postal strikes etc) may have a negative impact. In this case the book will be delivered as soon as possible after the initial due date.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you want tis project to happen (whether you can afford to pledge or not) it’s important that this campaign gets out there. So you could help by sharing on social media and helping to create a buzz.

I really need your support with this – so anything you can do to help would be great.

ORDER HERE: https://igg.me/at/A7cGjfnXIOM/x/14929718

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