Charly Released 25 Years Ago Today!

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Charly Released 25 Years Ago Today!
Charly Released 25 Years Ago Today!

25 years! WOW, a lifetime ago.

This day, a whole 25 years ago. The Prodigy released their debut single, Charly.

For the band, starting out back then & the incredible reception it received, the band could not have asked for anything more. Hugely popular with mixed reviews from critics… the single debuted at No 9 on the UK charts & made it’s way at No 3!

The beat of the track is sampled from “Radio Babylon” by electronic music act Meat Beat Manifesto. It also samples a 1970s BBC Public Information Film, Charley Says, (from “Double Deckers” of ITV’s “Say No To Strangers” campaign), in which a small child is shown with his cat. According to Wiki, the band was unsuccessfully sued for plagiarism.

Anyhow with all that aside. This is an amazing milestone for the band. 25 years! Well done.

Liam, maybe to celebrate the 25 years of Charly. Maybe, possibly… released the Charly Dub edit from Milton Keynes?

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