Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Released 12 Years Ago Today

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Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Released 12 Years Ago Today
Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Released 12 Years Ago Today

The record most likely not to be recognised by the band today for it’s 12th birthday… Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned. Released in Japan today & later 23rd in the UK…

You know, this record always gets so much heat man & I understand that. It’s not a bad record, it’s just not a Prodigy record. In my opinion, it’s not even a Liam Howlett record… but anyhow…

It’s not a record you want to drop live… but something for you car. Always labeled over the years by fans as the car album. It’s very, very clean & raw. Very, very heavy!

I always felt like record could have been so much better with Keith & Maxim. A lot of ideas were going around this era, BGAT era! & all the tracks live that came with that. I always felt like it was very raw & very punk. Unfortunately whatever was happening in the band resulted in the AONO release, in my opinion. Leeroy leaving, release of BGAT, scrapping tracks, Version 1 of AONO. Then finally the release after 7 long awaited years, final version of AONO.

Liam, if you are ready this mate. Please, is there something we can arrange to have version 1 of AONO? Rumour has it that it was passed onto the labels ??? I have no idea.. however us real fans, would love to have it in our hands & really appreciate the work. Some of the tracks, Memphis Bells from AONO demo tape, Under my Wheels original edit is amazing! Also guns! The one Noel played on Radio 1, incredible!

If there’s ever a 7th album, I would love a pure punk like Nuclear. Just imagine that! Just watch the clip below of it, fucking incredible!

Anyhow, tracks like Spitfire & Girls are amazing live. Wake Up Call is brilliant, the live edit with extra beats. Warning… Hotride with Keith…

I could write all day in regards to this record, this era… however I will leave you with some cool gems below, enjoy:

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