Sydney & Perth Report by Danny Fanboy

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Sydney & Perth Report by Danny Fanboy
Sydney & Perth Report by Danny Fanboy

Hello all, Danny Fanboy here.

All I can say is WOW! Sydney and Perth were incredible. This tour has already been so amazing for me. Just incredible.

So I’m on here to report for Sydney & Perth. Just something little. Flying into Sydney was very exciting. Going to see The Prodigy again. Very lucky and it’s what I live for. The live experience of The Prodigy.

So I’m at Future Music Festival Sydney. I really didn’t explore all that much. I did however, wait up front for The Prodigy. So I had to go through Nero and Die Antwood. My two cents on that. I know none of them. Nero is ok and Die Antwood were great. They put on a neat show. It was fun.

So anyhow, going into this set. I had no idea what the set list would be. The only thing we all knew. New tracks would play and it would be 7-8 of them into the set. We’ve debated about the set list many times on Fanboy Forum. But we really had no idea what it would be.

At Sydney. 7 new tracks are on the set. Checkout the set list below:

The Prodigy - Sydney Set List
The Prodigy – Sydney Set List

Now before I make any other comments, also check out the Perth set list below:

The Prodigy - Perth Set List
The Prodigy – Perth Set List

Now so. Those are the two sets so far. The main differences are that. In Perth, The Day Is My Enemy got dropped for Rebel Radio.

Now, it’s really hard to go in depth for each track. What I can say. The Prodigy are really pushing the new tracks here. This is a great thing. New beats, new album. I must say, every single track was amazing! All of them! Even Nasty! I know a lot of fans are not all that keen on Nasty. Just wait until you hear it live and everyone is dancing and shouting Nasty Nasty! Amazing. All the new tracks are just so incredible man. At Sydney, when the boys came out to The Day Is My Enemy. OMG! That was huge! I swear it was so amazing. The boys, the crowd. Everyone was in the zone. I’m really digging Wall of Death right now. Wicked beats. Also Rok-Weiler! But all the tracks man are just so good. I really love it. Really want this album out now! At Perth, The Day was dropped for Rebel Radio. What a surprise that was! Because I was expecting the same set to be honest. Then there were some delays and in this set. Their Law was dropped as well. But The Day got replaced by Rebel Radio. That was a huge moment and an amazing experience. All tracks. That unknown feeling.. the new never heard beats. Just a great experience man. And it seems the the whole crowd were digging it too.

If you’re used to the set from Invaders era. Grow up with them through that or really enjoyed that set. You will be surprised by the new set. I feel like it’s all new. A lot of tracks have been dropped. I think they’ve done a really good job with the decisions. Firestarter is an instrumental now, about a minute long.. which is really good. Get it out there, and so on. Smack plays in full now. There is no Experience track at all. I’m hoping that will change. The encore is only two tracks now. Their Law and Hospital. If they do make any changes there and add an Experience track. I hope it’s something other than Out of Space and Hyperspeed. Would be great to have a new Experience track into the encore.

Going into Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. I’m really unsure if I’m going to get pictures and videos. I really want to be a fan. I’m kinda stuck in the middle here. Where I got the responsibility to give the fans what they want, I know what we all want. Great videos. I could do that, but I really just want to be a fan. Be part of the Experience.

Leo doing his thing with the old school clothing. I have no idea what it’s called man. But you know those old school gentleman’s? Haha. He kills it man! Rob is a total rock star man. Liam has like this sportmans jacket on. Like Puma style. Keith comes out with this hat. Um, like a soldiers hat? Hopefully there’s pictures around. Got this mad captain punk look going on. And Maxim, man.. this guy is boss! beard, owning the stage. In the zone! I love it. Maxim brings the war on stage man. Total boss haha.

Looking forward to what happens in the next few gigs. Should be great!

Danny Fanboy.