Nasty Thoughts by Danny Fanboy

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Nasty Thoughts by Danny Fanboy
Nasty Thoughts by Danny Fanboy

Nasty Nasty, WOW! What can I say? This track is amazing!

So it dropped about 24 hours ago and I’ve listened to it on repeat, pretty much all day.

The track is nothing what I thought it might be and that’s a good thing! It’s so fresh man. It’s dirty, heavy, raw, fresh. This is what all Prodigy Warriors have been waiting for! This is what we needed! It’s been a long time, and it was all worth the wait. I love The Prodigy! This is my way of life. As Liam’s Instagram bio says, we live for the beats. My favourite part of the track is between 1:50 to 2:40ish. When the track slows down into the Eagle Break. Man, that is magic! And then drops again, damn! That is freaking awesome! Genius.

Nasty Thoughts by Danny Fanboy
Nasty Thoughts by Danny Fanboy

Cannot wait to experience it live at Future Music Festival here in Australia! I really hope it’s part of the setlist. When the track begins, I can just picture the crowd erupt man! Also, wondering if Nasty will get a physical release. Liam Instagramed a few Nasty images not long ago. Maybe one of those could be cover artwork? If it ever happens.

The video! Man, very surprised. So very different from anything I have seen. The boys try to make all clips unique. This nails it. I like how it starts of with the logo n’ all. The fox. The art style. Design n’ all. From start to finish. Has a neat little story. If I had to pick anything… The absence of the boys.

Such a great time to be a fan of this amazing band! Good times!

I have noticed a lot of negativity. I do understand… But you must move with the times. We won’t ever get Jilted Part 2, Smack Part 2 and so on. If we did, it would not be fresh, it won’t be new and The Prodigy would not progress man.  The reason why The Prodigy dominate, is because they move with the times and always deliver the beats. The older tracks had their time, now it’s time to get Nasty!

The Day Is My Enemy is now. Or as the Shooting Invader said, the night is my bitch haha.

Danny Fanboy.

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Danny Fanboy – Logo by Brian Pope