Deichbrand Festival, Germany Review by Keewee Fruit

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Deichbrand Festival, Germany Review by Keewee Fruit
Deichbrand Festival, Germany Review by Keewee Fruit

As I saw the Review of Boudewijn on The Prodigy Fanboy Site, I felt inspired to write this down as it is DEFFO worth it and would be a shame NOT to mention this beautiful day! Thanks for the inspiration Boudewijn!

Deichbrand Festival, Germany Review by Keewee.

First of all WOW and heyho!

Talking about Sunday the 20th of July 2014 @ 10th anniversary of Deichbrand festival, Cuxhafen, Germany, I really have say BIG RESPECT to all being part of this AMAZING day! BIG UPS!

I know I said no more German festivals for me, but this one I AM FUKIN glad I made an exception and did it, as it changed my point of view related to German festivals!

The location was just perfect at the Cuxhafen/Nordholz Sea-Airport, just ten minutes by car to the Northern Sea of Germany and the weather was fitting also very well and it wasn’t that burning hot as the day before. Sun was shining, as the day before, but the Sunday was more enjoyable because instead of the HOT Saturday without any clouds, we had some nice clouds on Sunday making sure we get some cooling. We arrived as the gates just opened and after wristbands collected, we went straight to middle of frontline at Fire stage to make sure to have a good spot when The Prodigy hit the stage.

!!! I have to say my DEEP RESPECT to this amazing Deichbrand frontline security crew !!! I can tell I went to hundreds of gigs on the whole world..

– 25 times The Prodigy (Deichbrand been Kai’s & my 25th anniversary gig of The Prodigy & we already did more than a DIRTY DOZEN gigs together!)

– Metallica, Annihilator, Clawfinger.. each of them more than 10 times..!

..BUT I never witnessed a security crew like at DEICHBRAND this year!

Don’t get me wrong, they worked professionally and took care of security of the people at first, but they DEFINITELY are NOT been that “I AM THE BOSS LOOKINH BADASS RAZORBLADE ARMS SECURITY FUCKERS”.

They gave the people water and sparkling apple spritzer to drink the whole day, they laughed, made party.. – it really felt like they are one of us, but just on the other side of the barrier..  ..and during the whole day they took really care of the people using water guns, a hoe, buckets.. everything to cool the people with water down in the heat of the day. MUCH LOVE, FUN, LAUGHTER AND WATER for ALL!    again.. BIG RESPECT!

Much love and passion was at that place that day!

I spoke to a lot of people that day who never seen The Prodigy before and I met some of them again after the gig… and from the first moment as I promised to them, they been injected with the poison.  This festival was definitely the birth of A LOT of baby ants, addicted insane and warriors to come FOR SURE!

The Prodigy hit the stage with Breathe as opener and the energy was summoned at that place instantly. The crowd soaked up the energy The Prodigy spit from stage, added their own and spit back on stage. Followed by Jetfighter which I guess will soon move down from the set list, so one of the last chances to hear it live for a long time maybe as the new album is up to come.

Voodoo made the crowd go nuts again. As I am frontline warrior I have to say for a GERMAN festival the circles, the mosh pits, the wall of deaths this day been amazing energetic and fun, and not as mostly lame and boring as I saw myself and my mate who ALWAYS is located there told me after the gig. After Omen made the crowd “coming out to play”, Poison pulsated with pressure like every time, Rockweiler in the latest version was smashed from stage. I meanwhile saw it live in some different versions, but I liked them all. This tune deserves to end up on the new album in my point of view, more than Dogbite, Jetfighter or Get your fight on.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

A little surprise to me was they dropped Thunder. But it fitted well cause it was raining
After Thunder it was time to honour Ennio Morricone with the Intro of the following song.
I talk about the tune that DISTORTS the people and I hope this tracks make it on the new album called AWOL and AWOL Beat Jam . Definitely my favourite of all new stuff! Maxim passed the frontline shaking hands and like every time not looking to me and not shaking my hand.
A bit kind of like George

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Firestarter and Run with the wolves business as usual but a welcome “break” for me to regenerate a bit and get ready for the tune I hopefully awaited most this day, as the crowd went nuts during Firestarter..

..Burning planet, burning Deichbrand as Worlds on fire was dropped!
Kicked fkn ass !

Spitfast, Omen Reprise allowed to restore power again as it was time for Invaders must die and the last tune before they left stage changing the pitch up – Smack my bitch up. The whole fukin place went down including the security crew.
Was fukin unique and I love it when you stay middle of frontline see the crowd completely got down, then turn around and see hundreds of smiling happy people, kicking ass, jumping when Liam drops the bass!

After they left stage and came back for the encore it was time to take all NOT ants to the hospital. The crowd went absolutely nuts and the god of circles and moshpits must have smiled from above seeing what’s going on as they were pulled out lots of people.
I remember a funny guy who had a rubber duck floating ring went crowd surfing two times DURING TMTTH!  He made the way twice during one song from the back to the front. Respect! Last track for this amazing day was Their Law introduced by surprising Gun Reprise (not written on the set list).

In the end I really have to say what an amazing day at Deichbrand even they played a Sunday and because of that and the fact they weren’t allowed to play anymore songs because of loudness and citizens. So we didn’t get to hear Out of Space which would really have made this day close to perfect, also no live-banger Comanche and no accelerating and blasting Hyperspeed, but in the end I got the only set list going down from stage to the crowd so this was a little compensation for no OOS, Comanche or Hyperspeed was dropped. But still – missed one of those songs as I got used to those three as random tracks in the end since the last two years..

The positive power was still around as I saw lots of happy and smiling people, when the Prodigy long time left the stage, because it was an amazing sunny day at the nice coast of Germany with the family and The Prodigy! Big Thanks to all who made it happen and been part of this awesome day!

Set list:

Deichbrand Festival, Germany Setlist
Deichbrand Festival, Germany Setlist
  • i’d agree with this review… nice one. i wish i could write my own ones in english, so i would do (my german one you can find at i would not say, that the german shows are lame. of course – the deichbrand.crowd became crazy from the very first beat till the last beat. but – expect SonneMondSterne 2 years ago, the people were always crazy. anyway…. i missed a couple of tracks also. no xpence.tracks… no warriors dance… shame! otherwise… i get massive goosebumbs as a fireworks startet during firestarter in a moshpit in the middle of the crowd. i was side.stage and it looked just crazy at the place i was. the whole rest of the set was crazybut this special moment was wow.
    finally….i saw the prodigy more than 30 times – honestly – deichbrand.2014 was one of the top5 sets i saw. big respect to the band,the secs and the fest.crowd.