The Prodigy Fanboy Video Blog Episode 004 : 2014 Predictions

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The Prodigy Fanboy Video Blog
The Prodigy Fanboy Video Blog

G’day my fellow Prodigy Fanboy Warriors!

In this episode I discuss the release dates for The Prodigy’s upcoming album How To Steal A Jetfighter and my predictions for the band in 2014.

Including a single release and Expanded Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned!

  • Volcan

    No album? Come on man, don’t make me depressed now. But I think you might be right, since the new live tracks don’t sound finished yet. They are nothing but beats, mostly. By the way, you own some great prodigy stuff. Keep up the good work!

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Haha sorry mate but yeah like you said, there isn’t much right now. Well, not live. That could all change this year tho, who knows! Could be really good.
    Ah yeah, I have a few items there and there… keep your eyes posted here on Fanboy. I’ll be giving away my signed copy of Invaders Must Die. And thanks mate, glad you like that work on here. Very much appreciated. Thanks for being part of this great community mate!