The Prodigy Fanboy Interviews Maxim DJ

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The Prodigy Fanboy Interviews Maxim DJ
The Prodigy Fanboy Interviews Maxim DJ

Fanboy: It’s been some time since Hell’s Kitchen/Fallen Angel. How did Maxim DJ come about? We were surprised and excited when we got the news!

Maxim: I don’t think I will do another solo album. Just for the record, I wasn’t 100% happy with Fallen Angel. Looking back at it now, I should have produced it in a different way.
The Dj thing came about just playing tunes in the back stage area after our gigs – but I like to challenge myself – so why not!

Fanboy: How did your partnership with MC Cianna Blaze come about?

Maxim: I wanted an MC, but I didn’t want a male MC with a hoody (standard shit). So when a friend introduced me to Cianna, I thought “yeah this is right”. She’s got a good look and she’s a dope MC.

Fanboy: Fans want to know, how long have you been DJing? When did you first start and is it something you did at home, parties, etc.

MC Cianna Blaze
MC Cianna Blaze

Maxim: The first time on the decks was about 6 years ago, and the first gig I played was in Berlin 5 years ago.
I have decks at home – so I’m always on them – but my kids hate it. Haha!

Fanboy: Are there any plans to take Maxim DJ outside of the United Kingdom? We’ve already heard great reviews from your gig supporting Feed Me. Or are there plans to do Maxim DJ shows in-between Prodigy gigs around the world?

Maxim: Yeah I plan to do gigs worldwide.

Fanboy: Is there any plans of your previous solo music or your current DJing going into the new Prodigy record? For example, your ideas in writing and also samples you have come across.

Maxim: Maxim DJing and Maxim in the Prodigy are two different things its not good to cross polonate it confuses things.

Fanboy: What are the differences between Maxim DJ, being behind the decks and The Prodigy when you’re the frontman? Do you feel as you’re not in control of the crowd as such when behind the decks? Is your preparation different for the gigs?

Maxim DJ
Maxim DJ

Maxim: Djing and being in a band are polar opposites. You can’t say Djing is a full-on performance.
What we do in the band is irreplacable – you cant replicate that. It’s the real deal – we make the music, we play the music. With DJing I’m playing other artist’s music. It’s fun, but I’m not going to pretend it’s better than being in a band.

Fanboy: Has there by any chance been any talks of you doing the next Dirtchamber Sessions? We know Liam did Volume One, maybe you can do Volume Two? A lot of fans have asked about this and would love to have you do it!

Maxim: Haha! That hadn’t even come into my head! I’ve only just started to DJ in public, so I’m just enjoying the moment and having fun.

Fanboy: How do you maintain your fitness? You’re always looking in great shape on stage. Do you train with Royce Gracie often?

Maxim: I’m at a stage where fitness is very important to me. I’m all about mental and physical fitness. I work out regularly with a good friend called Toby Rowland.
When Royce is over in the UK, then I might have a session with him. He’s a personal friend, so we hang out too.

Fanboy: How do you feel about Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned?

Maxim: It’s a Prodigy album that had to happen to enable us to be where we are now. Just like all the previous albums.

Fanboy: Are you planning to do more paintings in future, any plans for more exhibitions? Some fans missed out on purchasing your work. Would you consider selling poster prints on The Prodigy Online Store?

Maxim: Yeah! I love painting. It’s a good release for me when I’m not doing gigs or DJing. I will be doing another exhibition in London, hopefully, at the end of the year.
I only sell the paintings now. I did do a few prints a while ago, but I didn’t think they did my paintings justice – so I stopped.
The majority of my paintings are with MK gallery in L.A. at the moment, but check my website to see the work!

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