Martin Prodigy Interviews Caspa

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Martin Prodigy Interviews Caspa
Martin Prodigy Interviews Caspa

The Prodigy Fanboy Author Martin Prodigy interviews the main man of dubstep Caspa. Interview covers his new release Alpha Omega and working with Keith Flint.

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Martin: You just released your new album “Alpha Omega”. Where does this title come from? Excited to have it out?

Caspa: Yea the album was released this Monday, very excited to have it out as it’s been a while since my last one. The title Alpha Omega means from A to Z or Beginning & End.

Martin: Is there a special concept for this record or does it just represent a collection of the best tracks you made recently?

Caspa: The concept comes from the title, which bases itself on the diversity of the album. There was also a cinematic influence to a large number of tracks on there.

Martin: What was the most exciting part of making Alpha Omega?

Caspa - Alpha Omega - Setting Sun
Caspa – Alpha Omega – Setting Sun

Caspa: A lot of my music is instrumental based, so working with vocalists was a new challenge for me. The dynamics of how you make music on an instrumental track to a vocal track is different, so learning how to keep the vocal & the instrumental balanced took some getting used to.

Martin: You focus your music on dubstep. What got you into music in general and then to dubstep?

Caspa: I’ve always been into music and both my Brothers and my Dad are record collectors, so it was a very musical household! I grew up as a kid listening to Jungle & hardcore and as a teenager listening to UK Garage, that’s when I bought my first set of decks & started buying the darker & heavier sound of Garage, which was the start of Dubstep.

Martin: What do you think about its current development and about the current EDM hype, especially in the mainstream media?

Caspa: It’s come a long way in ten years from small, underground parties to sell out arena shows. From selling 25 records to having No.1’s in the charts, Dubstep’s come a long way but still manages to keep its underground roots which is important. The word EDM is a stupid, made-up term that American press use to describe dance music, what we know as EDM in the UK has been around for the last 30 years and the same in parts of America such as Chicago & New York. It’s Dance music, whether it’s House, Techno, Drum & Bass or Dubstep.

Caspa & Keith Flint
Caspa & Keith Flint

Martin: Besides The Prodigy, what inspires you for your work, where do you get your ideas from?

Caspa: First of all, living in London is important to me as that’s a big source of inspiration, I love its diversity and the passion for music that comes out of it. Also from films and alternative music that’s where I get other ideas from.

Martin: How long have you been a fan of The Prodigy?

Caspa: Ever since I heard their first album “The Experience” as a kid.

Martin: How did the collaboration for your single War with Keith Flint come about?

Caspa: Through my manager Nick who originally signed The Prodigy to XL Recordings many years ago. He’s always worked very closely with them and also A&Rd their last album.

He linked myself & Keith together to bounce ideas back and forth for a track which we did for a while & finally came up with the tune War. It was very exciting working with Keith and The Prodigy and definitely a highlight of my career.

Caspa War featuring Keith Flint
Caspa War featuring Keith Flint

Martin: What was it like working with Keith Flint? During the recording of the record and the making of the video clip?

Caspa: The first time we met was at the video shoot, before then it was music and vocals back and forth over the internet. He’s a great guy and a hard worker, I’ve got a lot of respect for him.

Martin: War is featured in the Kickass 2 movie trailer. We think it fits perfect! How did this come about? The Prodigy had two tracks featured in the first movie and now War with Keith Flint is featured in the second!

Caspa: Through EMI who the record’s signed to, they put it forward and it was chosen for the trailer. So excited to be a part of it and have my music in a Hollywood film.

Martin: What advice would you give to others who say you are their hero?

Caspa: I’m nobody’s hero, I’m just a guy from West London who makes music that people relate to. My advice to anyone is find your own inspirations, believe in yourself and work your ass off, because a grand don’t come for free.

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