The Prodigy – Speedway Live At Guild Hall, Southampton, UK (31.10.1994)

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Leeroy Thornhill
Leeroy Thornhill

Here is one hell of a rare video. The Prodigy live at guild hall in Southampton, UK 1994.

In this video, you can see Liam in the back playing Speedway and Leeroy doing his thing on the stage. It’s so good to see Leeroy dancing, I wish he would come back. Maybe those days are over however we will always have the memories. This is a great rare video.

Video Link:

Credit: Anzipex from YouTube,, ?????? for sending this in via Fanboy Contact.

  • vicious suspicous

    Leeroy should be back wuth the jetfighter album. It wont have much value for the new fans, but it will for the most of us.

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Really doubt it will ever happen unfortunately. Leeroy was my favourite.