The Prodigy’s “Smack my Bitch Up” – Now In 3D

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present’s his Cinematic 3D holographic remix to
“Smack my Bitch Up”

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary since the release of The Prodigy’s “Fat of the Land”Album, Riffioso has taken his cinematic style to their iconic track “Smack my Bitch Up”

NOT Just another remix of the prodigy but you can also watch the original video with Riffioso’s prototype 3D holographic technology.

Riffioso: “One of the first tracks to give me a sense of music identity, I’m excited to implant my own style back into the song”

Smack My Bitch Up 3D
Smack My Bitch Up 3D

Red Cyan Glasses Needed

You can download a copy here

This is the first remix of many Riffioso has got coming soon under an album project called the Symphonies. The symphonies are about taking existing great songs and transforming them into emotional anthemic eruptions of orchestral and electro soundscapes. The aim is to show a different way of appreciating a song, similar to a remix but rather than changing it into a existing genre like Dubstep or House it changes the song more into an alternate version of the original. Riffioso is creating something different from the norm and showing that pop music doesn’t have to be homogeneous. …..AND THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY.

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