Warriors Dance Festival Belgrade Review by Asaf Becic

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Keith Flint and Rob
Keith Flint and Rob


Couple days after the new year,I read news that The Prodigy are coming to Belgrade with 3rd Warrior’s Dance Festival. About one month after the publication of news, and with the release of the sales I got tickets. And then came the seven months of waiting since the festival announced that it will hold on September 15. First lineup for the third festival (the first was the 2009th in Japan and the other the 2010th in England) were Skrillex, Ritam Nereda, Eyesburn.Lolobrigidda and others. Later they announced Zane Lowe, Chase & Status, Caspa, Feed Me, and many others.

And after months of waiting,15th September finally came. After a bit of wandering and searching for locations on the Kalemegdan fortress, we arrive at the entrance. It was somewhere around 20:00 ,and on main “Warriors Stage”  Lollobrigida played, while at the same time on Take Me To The Hospital (next to the stage was the Invaders Must Die)  Goblins had their show, followed by Ritam Nereda. Caspa came after Lollobrigida with his phenomenal dubstep set.

After Caspa, Prodigy should start in about 2 hours. As a warm up before their performance, as DJ ,Zane Lowe played with unusual set, which consisted songs of Pendulum,Avicii ,Deftones ,Slayer etc. Big respect for Zane performed ‘My Own Summer’ and ‘Raining Blood’. And then come the last moments of waiting. The audience is becoming more and more numerous, because the main stars of the festival.The Prodigy have been announced for 00:30. And at that time their team was adjusting equipment and lighting. While we waited for the start, the background go dubstep remixes of Metallica, Daft Punk and others. Nervousness is growing, And then across 1:00 they came.

The first song that The Prodigy have performed were ‘World’s On Fire’. After it goes ‘Breathe’ and you could already see that the audience would “gone wild” They played hits from all of their albums,and ofcourse new songs. So they played ‘Firestarter’, ‘Poison’, ‘Spitfire’, ‘Diesel Power’, ‘Run With The Wolves’, ‘Thunder’,”DogByte”…

Usually it is said that when a band plays a certain song at a concert, it was the highlight of the show. However, the performance highlights were performing ‘Voodoo People’, the aforementioned ‘Run With The Wolves’,’ Breathe ‘,’ Firestarter ‘,’ Their Law ‘in the encore, and “Smack My Bitch Up’, which drew so much euphoria. So almost the whole performance did not allow the audience to settle down. In some moments, there hasn’t enough air to breathe. Dropped flares,moshpit everywhere, and there has even been throwing shoes and sneakers between fans. The only moment when we could have a little rest, was awesome performing  ‘Weather Experience’ from the first album. At the end, it remained to be playing the ‘Out of Space’.

After them,Skrillex is next and one disappointing news that Chase & Status canceled their set  (Feed Me took their place). Shattered after Prodigy, Skrillex I watched as “retirement” from the side, because there was no sense to jump along after the main stars. Regardless, Skrillex is still done his job well.

Liam, Keith and Maxim have done a great job. They showed that they are definitely one of the best bands in the world. Rating: A+.