Which Prodigy track do you use to test out a sound system?

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Which Prodigy track do you use to test out a sound system?
Which Prodigy track do you use to test out a sound system?

Little while ago on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, we asked you all: Which Prodigy track do you use to test out a sound system?

We had a huge response! Some very obvious and brilliant tracks and some very neat rare tracks which were kinda interesting for testing out a new sound system. I personally use Diesel Power, always seems to impress me while testing out my new sound system!

So what we’ve decided to do is share all the responses on here. We’ll start off with the Facebook answers and then move onto the Twitter. Sorry if I missed anyone. If I missed your response, please link me up on the comments and I’ll add it to the News Post.


  • Paul A. Garrity Spitfire (but the version off the Singles collection)
  • Paulina Mielczarek Firestarter
  • Daniel Liversage Voodoo people & Firestarter ofcourse!
  • Damien Lyons jerhrico
  • Tommy J. Richards The Trick
  • Andrea Prodigy SMBU – Breathe – Their Law – Break & Enter – Voodoo People – Thunder – Memphis Bell – IMD – Spitfire !!
  • Danzel Rebelowski ?”SMACK MY BITCH UP”.
  • Jason Shorthouse Razor
  • Dafni Ifanti Mescaline!
  • Stasz Kooijman Full Throttle
  • Pawe? Malak Diesel, SMBU, Breathe, TMTTH, … underworld – always loved a film :-)
  • Miklós Molnár Mindfields… Both version
  • Wojtek Winiarski Firestarteer, the one and only!
  • Terrence Mckenna Dmt poison all day long!…
  • Brenda Itdoesntmatter Fuel my fire – No good
  • Co?kun Deniz Kaner Diesel Power – SMBU – TMTTH – Voodoo
  • Michael Joseph Carnell Yea Diesel Power is perfect to check your bass. It just hits so heavy in that song. Also use Smack My Bitch Up too! :D
  • Daisy Bogard yeah diesel power! good deep beat :D
  • David Calleja-Gera It might sound an odd choice but Weather Experience actually has some solid low-levels in it, great for testing out all the ranges of a system.
  • Ingi Þór Ómarsson Smack my bitch up and TMTTH
  • Étienne le Bon Rhythm of life + Out of Space
  • Kuba Kaczmarkiewicz Wind it Up, Narcotik Suite: 3Kilo, Climbatize, Narayan.
  • Rodrigo Ramírez Ahumada Climbatize!
  • Glowkid OnAir hard to answer it..first song comes in my mind is SMBU
  • David Devine Smack my bitch up
  • Juha Virtanen also Weather Experience Top Buzz Remix is a surprisingly good bass track :)
  • Dan Spacehopper Head Evans funky shit, get ready for the bass drop!!!!!!!!!
  • Craig Howden has to b poison !
  • Alexandros Prodigysound TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!! Strong bass!!
  • Hein Klopper ?…Diesel Power (Dirtchamber Mix) , Run With The Wolves and Funky Shit among others…
  • Ryan Van Scotter Diesel Power, Poison, SMBU
  • Johnny Klusch g-force, warriors dance, rhythym of life and gabba………… wrecks the house. Sorry mom!
  • Robert Byrne Fire starter


  • Gael Eldritch ?@gael515 Girls
  • jennifergypsybrown ?@jengypsybrown babys got a temper :0
  • Neilio oh oh ?@Neilo73 It has to be “One Love” The neighbours deserve to hear this in all its glory… LOUD
  • TL ?@MCKGN77 We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix) … always has been, always will be! Electronic Punk days = happy days!!!
  • Exe ?@execaballero Molotov Bitch
  • Mauro Rivera ?@doomanks Magic People, Voodoo People!! Also Stand Up :D Cheers
  • Jesús Fernández @jsfdez Breathe Dubstep, First Warning or Mescaline
  • MartinProdigy@MartinProdigy SMBU + Spitfire
  • wink2001 @WinK2001 Smack my bitch up. It has an increíble sound and a perfect bass!!! Perfect!!
  • Helen Sharpe @HelensaysRelax breathe!
  • Rachel Jones @StarLady82 it’s gotta be Their Law
  • Anthony Metcalf @anTastico84 Poison, Bass anyone?
  • Boudewijn Rens @Boudigy No Good or Worlds On Fire
  • Toni Ann Abrehart @ToniAAbrehart Poison
  • Raymon van der Aa @raymonvanderaa Breathe of course, or how about warriors dance, diesel power pain remix, killing beats!! ;-)
  • Thibault @Mr_TdP take me to the hospital for me :)
  • SilviaBoy @motormickter Thunder or firestarter
  • Iwica88

    The trick :)

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Great track! Nice choice.

  • you don’t know my name

    i’ll Test What Evil Lurks, Android :D i’ve tested Take Me To The Hospital, No Good, Out of Space, Wind it Up, and Skylined! and alot of more tracks, and i test Proxys(iron[also a good Bass test ;)]) songs, but we say from The PRODIGY! oh and i test next SMBU.
    Skylined is one of my favorites!

  • i prodigy

    Firestarter Live Studio version(edit)