The Jilted Generation Interview with Royle ‘Eddy’ Fitzwilliam

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Hello Fanboys, today we bring you a great interview with Royle ‘Eddy’ Fitzwilliam from The Jilted Generation, The Prodigy Tribute Band.

It’s a must read for all fans of The Prodigy. We also have footage of them live, also links and dates you need to know.


What’s the name of your band? What’s the origin of that name? Have you changed the band’s name before?

We are The Jilted Generation – The Prodigy Tribute Band,we have always stayed with the same name.The name is from the second album ‘Music For the Jilted Generation’..’The Jilted Generation’ term is for the people that rock out and rave out without restrcitions,live life to the max in their own way and will do no matter what anyone tells them otherwise and that’s who we play too and technically that’s what we are.The prodigy fans,community and way of life.

Please list the name, age and respective instrument of each band member.

We are a full band.Same live line up as the real band.

Me (Eddy) – Keef  -24 – Vocals
Sparky – Liam – 30 – Production,Keyboards
Jase – Maxim – 33 – MC
Robin (Drum) – 28
Seano (Guitars) – 29

Royle 'Eddy' Fitzwilliam at Tribfest 2010
Royle ‘Eddy’ Fitzwilliam at Tribfest 2010

When did you form your band? So you guys obviously huge fans of The Prodigy, how did you guys come up with the idea of a Prodigy Tribute Band?

Me,Sparky,Jase,Robin all live within 2 miles of each other in Warwickshire,West and Jase knew each other since 2003..we bumped into each other as Prodigy fans when i started going out when i was about 17 and he about 26..I’ve been a huge fan since i was 9years old.,idolising them and then after going through high school 97-2002(their break) and BGAT onwards being a monster for it loving their return out of the blue having just left school…and havent stopped since and never will.Jase is a huge fan too,with an interest in tattoos..uses various prodigy bits to represent this.He used to MC to Prodigy so i thought about the tribute band.I had felt this energy about the band.. that i could probably perform,it was just like a going nuts in clubs thing..but real nuts..yknow when prodigy is played amongst the chart crap.Now it’s all put through performance.I think Jase knew Sparky and Robin and eventually spoke about doing it,Robin had played Drums and Sparky did some production so it all started from there.I put an ad out for a ‘DJ,Drummer,Guitarist’ on the net,everywhere for a Prodigy tribute band and Seano got in touch about the guitars position..then he came down to our little studio a few times and it worked out.

Do you guys have any of your own material?’s been a slow process but over the years we have about 5 or 6 tracks.2 mixed and track called ‘Cashtrip’ and another called ‘Migraine’.We’ve just had a colloboration track released with Slipmatt called ‘Face the Music’.Our band name at the moment is Minotaur Kill.We play a track or 2 in the Jilted Generation set.Obviously we need to steer away from sound,look to Prodigy to be our own thing in the future.2011 may see our first shows as an original band and we hope to get an e.p together.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

We’ve performed nearly all over England i reckon.been to Scotland a few times,Ireland and even the Orkney Isles.We played in Malta in 2006 and then 2007,was featured on the tv there both times.Also play Belgium/Holland quite regularly now.

Gizz Butt came and played with us for 2 sets in 2006,he did tracks like ‘Firestarter’,’Serial Thrilla’ ‘Fuel My Fire’ like he used too..that was surreal.

Due to the mixed genre of the Prodigy music loved by many we play such a variation of gig…we play Clubs,Pubs.Venues,Tribute Band Festivals,General Festivals and big Raves..if the spec is right we’ll do it..

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Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you have a set play list?

Yeah we have a set list,we base it on Prodigy’s current one all the time.But we play some songs they don’t do anymore.We chop and change,maybe depending on the type of place,crowd it is.

And most of the tracks are remixed to replicate the Prodigy’s new live mixes or to our own’s interesting..what with the little changes they do to their set.we replicate them.for example the religion fill,that’s been chopped a bit and in the set.

It’s exciting,things change over time to keep it fresh.I’m into production myself so I’ve got my eye on the message boards,clips of the newest stuff they play and produce a re edit on ableton live..the intros,diesel power are examples of that along with samples that go in tracks..such as ‘cut the mid range drop the bass’ in smbu and the ‘molotov cocktails’ before mescaline.

We play Hyperspeed some times and that sounds amazing and heavy with a full band.

We do an Old Skool set for the raves like Raindance,Slammin Vinyl cuz we’ll get booked in the Old Skool arena. I think we’ve got to a point now where set lists may vary per gig but still keep to the same structure.Obviously people want to hear new,old and the singles but we also like to play ones that people may not have heard.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

The biggest challenge has to be justifying the Prodigy’s amazing,energetic live  feels so natural when it’s booming,it’s such a buzz and we put it into performance and try and have our show look and sound like theirs as much as we can.We want people to have that ultimate prodigy experience in a smaller setting.We have evolved over the years and probably still are without realising.I think we’ve overcomed that..i’d invite anyone to check us out.Many people expect a DJ/MC type of thing without the real band if advertised unspecifically,we pride ourself on being a full band..the guitar,drums addition makes the whole thing so much can see that from the Prodigy from 1997.
I understand some confusion and negativity due to the precious band the Prodigy are, but in a tribute band circuit that is all over the place,we are the only one in the UK.and we are miles ahead of anyone else who would..on stage in our performance.We think they thoroughly deserve a tribute band and we are in no way under any illusion we think we are them. It takes the music to more people. We pay tribute to them in a replicated performance but i know there is alot of me in the performance i my head is in the clouds,iv lost it,truely lost it on stage completely,thats the beauty and escapism of their sound.we see that in the crowds,we are them..big fans.Making new fans of the real band,does it for’s all totally for the crowd and the prodigy army..and to see people a generation younger than myself loving it is mega cool too.

What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?

We’d never seek fame and fortune.

Jilted Generation is all about the Prodigy fans and the people that become them.

Our own stuff in our future band will be all about great live shows and great records-and it will be done in a heavy way…innovation,originality,influence is what matters,not main stream success.

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What’s your favorite tour story? Funny things, weird things?

Yeah over the years,we’ve got up to some mad shit..stuff coming to mind is Seano passing out on wine naked on the beach of Malta (I kept refilling his cup) then getting up and trying to get attention of the police..still naked…Sparky snapping his leg running around and slipping on cow shit after Glastonbudget Festival,yes our liam did a few shows with a broken leg..2 weeks ago we bumped into Rik Mayall at Oxford idol of mine, a photo with him.

Funny stuff happens during the gigs all the time,you’d have to look close.

My philosophy is make each show more memorable or better than the last even more mayhem is to come,in high amount..Guaranteeed!!..we wanna do the Prodigy Justice.

Do you have a website?

go to for all tour dates,old pics,audio,bio

add ‘jilted generation’ on facebook!/profile.php?id=595085302 you can personally add us as your friend and most of us have our own profiles on there.

you can personally add us as your friend and most of us have our own profiles on there. we will have a brand new official site soon.

Last words?

We love doing the Tribute band…for the fans and new fans we make of the real band.Our shows are complete mayhem and we love it.We would love to visit different countries with the band…now that would be great.

We are our own roadies..we are the crew for the JG experience..the prodigy expereince for the Prodigy fans and new ones to come.

Much respect to the Prodigy .. they are on fire..and right now i think their firing up another album..much luck to them.

Maxim,Keef and Liam etc have showed their appreciation in one way or the other,many many thanks to them..we shall hopefully see them soon.

Much respect to the Prodigy fans…we hope to see you at some of our will not be dissapointed.

eDDy and the rest at Jilted Generation

  • Big ups to eDDy – Jason -Sparky & the whole Jilted cru representing prodigy’s vibe!

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    I wish I get to see these guys live one day. I think we’ll be having another interview with them by ET.