Leeroy Thornhill’s Last Ever Prodigy Gig

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The Prodigy at Sophia, Bulgaria (August 1999)
The Prodigy at Sophia, Bulgaria (August 1999)

Now, I really don’t know much about Leeroys last ever gig with The Prodigy.

In spring 2000 Leeroy decided to leave the Prodigy to concentrate on his own productions and re launching his DJ career which is what he had been doing for the 5 years previous to The Prodigy. Leeroy’s last gig with Prodigy was Sophia, Bulgaria (August 1999). He also played a bit of drums at that gig. (Taken from theprodigy.info)

Fanboy Facebook member Royle ‘Eddy’ Fitzwilliam from Jilted Generation – The Prodigy Tribute Band shared the image we have posted on the right. Eddy comments:

Did you know Leeroy Thornhill’s last ever Prodigy Gig (Sofia – Bulgaria 1999) featured him on the drums for a few tracks? With Kieron on guitar. Gizz must have left by then.

Also note Liam wearing Keefs Union Jack Shirt he had worn for the past year..?

And the strange backdrop,is that meant to be them in cartoon form?

Peculiar Times.

If anyone else has any more information about this. Leave a post in the comments section.

  • Nikks

    The backdrops were definitely cartoons of the band members, as far as I can remember. There were scenes from The Matrix playing on the side screen during the performance. The setlist was pretty standard for that period (inlcuding Maxim rapping on Diesel Power plus Rock n Roll).

    I remember that the gig had been scheduled for May, but a few weeks before it a mislead bomb (headed for Belgrade or some other Serbian bombing target place) fell unexpectedly on the top of an ordinary Sofia home and the band got scared and cancelled the gig. So it was moved for August.

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    You were there? That is awesome! Very interesting about The Matrix playing. Wish we had footage of this historic gig.
    Crazy! At least they came back for the show which is really good.

  • mos

    The last gig of leeroy was in Bulgaria

  • Ofsi

    There are some videos from that show in youtube…