Danny Fanboy: Fanboy 2016 & Holiday Break Message

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Danny Fanboy: Fanboy 2016 & Holiday Break Message
Danny Fanboy: Fanboy 2016 & Holiday Break Message

Hey yo it’s Danny Fanboy here.

Going to take some time off, keep off the Prodigy news over the holidays… maybe a few weeks…

It’s been a solid year for the boys. Maxim’s had a great year with quite a few releases.

For me personally, best year of my life. I got married and news of expecting my first child. Things have never been better for me. I have been truly blessed man.

For me & the site. You know it’s been hard for me. You know, I started this site for the love of the music, the band & this really silly big dream that would never come true. Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Just meeting the boys was enough, but I’ve been lucky enough to do some cool things man. Fanboy is my baby. So many hours of my life over the years has gone into this. I started out as a kid & now a man. Times have changed, I just don’t have the time I used to. I know the sites not what it used to be. But I do the best I can with the very limited time I do have these days. There are those who have reached out to me, who all know who you are… thank you for your support. So 2016 has been tough for me in regards to Fanboy. I’ve actually had quite a few sleepless nights. But don’t worry, it’s all good.

I want to thank you, the fans. Who take the time to visit & be part of this amazing community. I really appreciate your support. Without you, Fanboy is nothing. Special shoutout to the tight group of good friends on Fanboy Forum. I really love chatting with you guys.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy holidays to all. Spend time with loved ones & be safe. Someone once told me not to drink & drive. So I chose to drink haha.

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