DJ 2nz (Damage Inc. – Sonic Fortress) Interviews GL0WKiD

DJ 2nz (Damage Inc. - Sonic Fortress) Interviews GL0WKiD
DJ 2nz (Damage Inc. – Sonic Fortress) Interviews GL0WKiD

I’ve just caught GL0WKiD after his electric set at the Old Skool Festival, he was like a mad man on the decks,dropping unexpected bombs like Apollo 440 and Hardcore Breaks promos and anthems! Jumping around, like a mad man thats leapt straight out of 1992 into 2016!
His performance shows his enthusiasm and love for this music, he’s been supporting many artists over the years through his radio shows and info packed blogs!
Let’s hold him down now and see what the man himself has to say…

– Hi GL0WKiD, How are you feeling about playing at The Old Skool Festival and what do you make of the claims that Lodz is the Rave Capital?

Hi man! Well, I still remember when some months ago DJ Tornado invited me to play over in Lodz at Old Skool Festival 2016 and I was totally excited. It was my first international dj set and I was chuffed to live this ultimate experience alongside legendary acts in the scene, local djs/producers with whom I’m keeping a great contact and supporting each other over the years. In addition one more main factor worth mentioning, is the Lodz crew!

You know, before experiencing what happened during this weekend, I always used to say through my radio show and in public, that this city is the capital of Hardcore & Nu-Rave. And this conclusion came out to me because its the city of arts/cinema and music, having lots of hungry people who express themselves through their creations and so are born some of the most talented names djs/producers and literally friends in our scene like Nefti, Oneplayz, Greg Sin Key, Hypermotion, Mindfields, Toofer, Base Club, Dymeq, Rett, crews like Candyflip, Hypodermic and big respect goes out to DJ Tornado who’s deeply into the game since 90’s! (Apologies if missing anyone)

To continue reading the interview, head over to the Strictly NuSkool Blog here.

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