SMASH HIFI – Turn Up feat LEXIE LEE [VIDEO] & New Leeroy Thornhill Interview @ Sentinel

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SMASH HIFI, (Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Hørger) have recently unleased their second single off their upcoming first full length album ‘ORDER MORE DISORDER’ which took an overtime as it’s gonne be officially out on 14th October.

The new dish which is titled ‘Turn Up‘ sounds and looks like a revolutionary dirty firing bass killer with Lexie Lee on the vox! I admit I love this new tune a lot and seems that this LP is much promising, might got a bit delayed since the boys are together around the last 10 years, but never too late…

“..Marten was like let’s make this a dubstep track and that was like two years ago. I was like that might not be here in two years and by the time we put the album out dubstep will be gone. And we had a few tracks like that that didn’t make the album. Some of the bass lines were done all massive like three years ago and it had a massive sound. And we couldn’t replace [those tracks] with the same energy. Marten’s got so much talent: technically and sound wise. And stuff like that.

I kind of bring more of the structure: the feeling and more of the vocal thing. I don’t like to try to follow what music is all about. We both like the DJ stuff but Marten’s really on point with that. He’s into a the latest sounds. I’m not like that. I kind of just write stuff that works in my set. I play a bit more old-school things with more feeling in it. So the combination just works really, really well.”

Words are taken from a fresh interview by Leeroy Thornhill to California’s ‘Sentinel‘ and reporter Pete Menting – Read full Leeroy’s interview here

You can pre-order your digital copies here:

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