What Are Your Thoughts On The Night Is My Friend EP?

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What Are Your Thoughts On The Night Is My Friend EP?
What Are Your Thoughts On The Night Is My Friend EP?

Hello my fellow Fanboy Warriors,

So we’ve had a bit of time with The Prodigy’s latest release, The Night Is My Friend EP.

I’ve had it on pretty much on repeat all day, everyday. Really digging it, great release! Not everyday we get something special like this.

So I’m wondering what everybody’s thoughts are on the tracks. We are now discussing them on Fanboy Forum here: http://theprodigyfanboy.com/forum/general-prodigy-talk/the-night-is-my-friend-ep/

Here are my thoughts. Before I begin, I’m no reviewer.. I’m just a fan. No hate mail please haha.

I absolutely love Get Your Fight On! One of my top tracks on the record & I’m glad this track got some special treatment. I’ve been listening to this track the most from the EP.

AWOL. You know, I really loved the live version. I was very lucky to experience that track live. I was kinda expecting that type of edit. The live version, you were able to sing along to it. Just like Omen or Nasty. It’s one of those tracks. This version at first was a little hard to follow but just like any track / song. You learn n’ all. I think I just got so used to the live edit. But I must say, this version is by far the best. I love it man. It’s a little short, but it works so great! No messing around, intro is short & right into it. Unlike Rhythm Bomb…

Rhythm Bomb, man when I first found out this track was going to get edit treatment, I was so excited! On the album, the intro is was to long, over a minute & a bit from what I remember. Just too long & doesn’t really work. Well, it does work. But it’s just too long. So when I heard this news, I really thought the intro would be cut. Not really, it got cut a little but it’s still just too long, just under a minute. About a third of the track really… I think if the intro was cut short & left the rest, maybe add a few bits, it would have been perfect.

Rebel Radio remix, the RENÉ LAVICE’S START A FUCKING RIOT remix. Man, this track gets mental haha. The start is a nice build up & I just imagine this working so well in a riot! This is fantastic.

Caspa’s remix on The Day Is My Enemy is a freaking neat mix. I like his style & just amazing how he pulled this off. It’s hard to remix Prodigy tracks, & this is just too good man. Great edit.

Anyhow, that’s just my quick 2 cents. Tell us what you thoughts are as well right here on the Fanboy Community: http://theprodigyfanboy.com/forum/general-prodigy-talk/the-night-is-my-friend-ep/


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The Prodigy – AWOL (Strike One)

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