The Day Is My Enemy Album Fan Review by DIRTCHAMBER

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The Day Is My Enemy Album Fan Review by DIRTCHAMBER
The Day Is My Enemy Album Fan Review by DIRTCHAMBER

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The Day Is My Enemy Album Fan Review by DIRTCHAMBER

Yo, Prodigy people!

Finally, after a lot of procrastination, my track-by-track review of The Day Is My Enemy

The Day… – A definitive Prodigy track, for sure, the most solid of the singles released thus far; I love the 8-bit Mega Man-esque bridge coupled with that military drumline, kills me every time. 10/10

Nasty – I’d take the horrorcore synth-riddled “Nasty” over the sameness of “Omen” any day of the week. Yeah, it may have the same beat, but Keith’s snarling vocal on “Nasty,” at least to me, gives the tune more balls. That said, Spor’s remix, and I hate to say this, bangs harder than the original. 8/10

Rebel Radio – Why this song wasn’t the lead-off single is absolutely vexing to me, it’s surprisingly melodic, littered with smash-mouth synths, and a bass-heavy fall-down-the-stairs-type of beat. Rebel Radio is everything “Omen” should have been and more. 10/10

Ibiza – I like the tune, even though it falls-in-line with the Mods’ penchant for shorter, more straightforward fare, it certainly has that punchy attitude and works as far as Prodigy tunes go. While Williamson’s lyrics are solid, they seem muted and hard to hear at times. 8/10

Destroy – An absolute banger and standout track for me, that 303 throwback sound from ’92 paired with a layered, hard and fast bass-driven snare provides that signature sonic-mudhole-stomping groin-smash that The Prodigy is known for–an ace track all the way! 10/10

Wild Frontier – I was never as big on WF as a single, really, a bit too drum ‘n’ bass for my taste; however, after listening to the song amidst the rest, it’s grown on me and works well in the rotation as it relates to the record as a whole. 7/10

Rok-Weiler – I’ve always liked this tune, it throws sonic haymakers and hits hard. I’m just not a fan of the fact that the intro and bridge are wholly the same, to me, it kind of lacks creativity, really. I preferred the intro of the newly revamped version that was first played in Russia last year–the one dedicated to the great Neil McLellan. Minor gripes aside, it’s a solid TDIME new generation-type track, one that, in my estimation, outshines and should replace “Run” within the live rotation. 8/10

Beyond The Deathray/Invisible Sun – “Beyond The Deathray” and “Invisible Sun” almost feel conjoined as one whole track, as they share this awesome Blade Runner-esque dystopian vibe–very atmospheric. Both tunes build the same amount of tension, but are strangely calming and peaceful at the same time–brilliant! 10/10

Rhythm Bomb – Okay, I’m just gonna say it, I’ve listened to this tune several times over and I’ve tried, guys, I’ve really tried, but I’m not feeling “Rhythm Bomb,” God bless those of you that like it because, like you, I want to see (or hear) the appeal, I just don’t. Seems, to me, a bit problematic when the intro, alone, clocks-in at a staggering 1:06 before the main beat drops on a song lasting a mere 4:28 in length. I know the long intro probably wasn’t Liam’s idea, as his intros last between 10 to 25-seconds, at best. The female vocal, reminiscent of “No Good,” works well in the beginning, but gets old quickly. I just think “Rhythm Bomb” tries too hard to be palpable on so many levels where dance-style is concerned that it kind of misses the mark and lacks direction. I’m sorry, guys, but to me, personally, RB is kind of a mess; I would’ve preferred “A.W.O.L.” to be present on TDIME in place of this tune, honestly. 2/10

Roadblox – Liam’s clever use of the multi-layered backdrop to “Spitfast” as the tune’s impetus intermingled with pedal-to-the-floor drum and bass works on a lot of levels, it runs a bit too long, though, and the lyrics, for me, take some getting used to, but this one’s growing on me, for sure. 7.5/10

Get Your Fight On – I love the James Bond-type feel of this tune, it doesn’t matter to me that Liam recycled the beats from TMTTH, interwoven with the anthemic punchy synths–even if it’s a bastardized carbon-copy of Hospital as some claim–Get Your Fight On earns its place in the Prodigy pantheon of standout bangers. 10/10

Medicine – If it’s not the infectious “A spoonful of sugar just to sweeten the taste, just to keep you in your place” lyric, it’s Medicine’s hardline boom-bap pacing that puts a big, dumb grin on my face every time I hear it. 10/10

Wall Of Death – A fitting smash-mouth finale of TDIME, “Wall Of Death” plays with the cataclysmic ferocity akin to forced entry set to music. Keith’s vocal contribution, in particular, in my estimation and perhaps I’m reaching here, seems to stamp the band’s opinion of the tepid musical landscape that is overwrought with a lazy EDM culture that has come to prominence in recent years. In any case, WOD sends a message to all imitators and would-be-hopefuls that The Prodigy are not yet ready to go quietly into the night. 10/10

Rise Of The Eagles – Gotta say, as bonus tracks go, “Rise” is a welcome surprise and an awesome cover–I even prefer it to the less melodic original recording–Keith sounds brilliant on it! I actually wish it followed TDIME on the main recording at Track 2–heck, I would go so far as to say it could replace “Nasty” for me; it might even be second in line to my standout favorite “Destroy,” strange, I know, but I’ve always been a sucker for a good cover. 10/10

Overall – 9/10