Review Amsterdam gig April 10th 2015 by The Prodigy Lady

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Review Amsterdam gig April 10th 2015 by The Prodigy Lady
Review Amsterdam gig April 10th 2015 by The Prodigy Lady

Good day all,

So i’ve been asked to write a review about the Amsterdam gig.

We arrived early in the afternoon in Amsterdam.
We met up with ET for the first time.
Which was great!

We were lucky to have great weather.
So we all sat next to the Heineken Music Hall, enjoyed the sun and a drink.
All excited to get inside.
We expected a long queue in front of the door.
But to be honest, there were not much people!
Think there were like 10/15 people sitting on the floor, waiting.
So we decided to go to a cafe and have another drink.
Around 18.15 hours we went back to the venue and people were starting to gether up.

We went inside around 19.00 hours, which went fast!
No waiting, nothing, AWESOME!.

So we are inside ..
The DJ playing and warming up the crowd was not really my style.
Few people asked me if The Prodigy choose that dude them self.
I had no clue but i guess they didn’t?
Anyway, loads of people didn’t liked it at all.
(it was ok, but not my pick!)


So dude done, they start building up the Prodges equipment.
From here on you would think the excitments start, right?
Well no, i don’t know what was wrong with the people but i didn’t really felt that vibe. (at least not on our side)
There were a few people shouting ROOOBBB to the guy who only soundchecked the guitar.
Euhh,, hello?
The 2 girls and their mate in front of me asked who who was and where they came from.
I mean WTF? Seriously?!
You are at a Prodigy gig and you have no fucking clue about who they are??
Ok, forget that ..
My mates and me were excited for all haha.

Finally, intro ..
And there they come.
I must say i was suprised to hear the same intro (again).
I expected The Day Is My Enemy as intro.
Don’t know why but just had that feeling.
But it was Breathe (yes again).
They played 7 of the new songs if i’m correct?!
The Day Is My Enemy, Nasty, Wild Frontier, Rok Weiler, Get Your Fight On, Wall of Death and Roadblox.
One banging tune after another.
Damn that shit sounds so awesome live!
I did not listen to any of the “live recordings” that were made of the Australian gigs.
Because i wanted to experience it live myself.
And man am i glad i did that.
I didn’t really knew what to expect but once they started, it blew my brains out.
Luckily we had the space at the front to dance.
And we danced our socks off!
So much energy.
So much power.
Just awesome!
They gave the song Wall of Death a double meaning tho haha.
The bass was so hard/loud, it was just sickmaking haha.
Respect to all who stayed at the front and survived that one!
We saw a lot of people going over the barrier and security could barely handle it hehe.

It was an awesome gig, although i have to admit that i expected more new tunes.
I had a discussion with some people about it.
Some agreed to it, some stay with the fact they have to play the classics to keep people happy.
I understand but this is an tour for the new album.
So my opinion is play more new tunes and skip some old ones.
Add them again as soon as the tour is over.
But hey, like i said, my opinion :)

We had a great time, it was, again, an awesome gig.
And i can’t wait till London 15 and 16 May!
Bring it on.
Hope to see loads of you over there to bring some chaos!

A special thanks goes out to ET.
Cheers mate!

One love people.

The Prodigy Lady