‘The Day Is My Enemy’ [review by GL0WKiD]

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'The Day Is My Enemy' [review by GL0WKiD]
‘The Day Is My Enemy’ [review by GL0WKiD]
Most fans maybe sayin like ‘It was about time…’ and me sayin ‘Never too late’ especially if its about a first class masterpiece like this one. LH has correctly warned the world for the new return of violence, raw and harsh behaviour, showing off the key element of the Electropunk kings. It’s all about the Beats!

The Day Is My Enemy‘ era was officially launched on 6th January 2015, where it was announced the release date of the album and some days later we had the chance to listen to the 1st airplay of ‘Nasty‘ on Zane Lowe’s radio show @ BBC Radio 1 and I still can’t forget my heart pumping from pleasure and excitement all over the triple x-rated Nasty beats! It was the moment we were looking for the last 6 years and it finally came true. The boys are back and LH being interviewed to Zane saying that this first statement from the album is simple and direct to them.

After that, a UK tour has been confirmed alongside some other European dates (France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland) and the story has just begun… A great Aussie tour was the major live hit of TDIME stuff, where played out new stuff and fired up the ant masses! More to come of course on stage.. Grab your ticket and follow..your leader!

What about the new stuff? Well.. Firstly, we should think carefully that music has been changing year by year or maybe day by day. The boys have proved all over the last 25 years that they go against trends, being pioneers on their own style, having their own ID in the Dance scene! That’s one of the key reasons that I personally adore this band and still being faithful to the bone to their spirit!
The Day Is My Enemy‘ is aimed to fuel us with darkness, this can be pointed from the band’s various interviews talking about it. It can be defo described as a strictly ‘stuff for live’ album as most tracks are ultimate bombs! The thing that is always crossing my mind when hearing it, is that each single drop, each single beat is heavy! Seriously heavy! And than will drive you to imagine how would the crowd go when hearing that buzz live!! Looking forward to that moment!

Few words about some essential tracks to check out from the album..
Really glad seeing ‘Spitfast’ getting upgraded and released as Roadblox…One of my fav tracks of the album.
‘Destroy’ is a ‘Back 2 Skool‘ recipe somehow (?!) ..personally it reminds me that one.. Killer drops and different aggressive attitude than other featured tracks.It’s more Techno like and you should focus to the closing part of it as its totally sick!!!
‘Get Your Fight On’ has the successful ‘Take Me To the Hospital‘ formula with Keef and MaxiM lyrical conspiracy once again, while Rok-Weiler is totally deserved to be released as imo it was the best experiment in the last live tracks (Awol, Dogbite, Jetfighter).
‘Beyond The Deathray’ is perfect to be heard with eyes closed or deep in the night by walking.. That’s what i tried with the whole album to do. To give a ‘night listen’ and get closer to this idea. LH has proved that he’s genious in tracks like Weather Experience, 3 Kilos, Climbatize and BTD is the new deep path to LH new direction.. luv it!
‘Medicine’ shocked me in the beginning with this ‘klarino’ sample (well known to us Greeks) but its really hot!! YT (Mark Hull) killin’ it really! This is the choon that is the right medicine to every disease! Top!
Finally ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ and ‘Wall of Death’ are maybe the heaviest weapons of the album, each one for a different reason. The first one is the opening track of the release self titled track and its an alert of the new prodigy era, while ‘Wall of Death’ is a huge smasher with Keef and MaxiM on a high mature kind of harsh and wild style. Banger of a track!

In conclusion, it’s a fact. WE LIVE FOR THE BEATS! And the best way to prove it, is by giving it a blast to every neighbourhood, every district and spread that new stuff! Liam – Keef – MaxiM are back causing trouble & confusion to the mainstream and pain to the enemies! The tourdates have been announced and the album is hot so make sure to raise it to the highest it can reach. It’s the year of ….the Fox, the year of Fighters! Bring it on!

Massive Respect 2 THE PRODIGY [Liam-Keef-MaxiM] !