TDIME Album Fan Review by Michael J Carnell

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TDIME Album Fan Review by Michael J Carnell
TDIME Album Fan Review by Michael J Carnell

The essex based electronic music heavy weights The Prodigy have had quite the career. Beginning in the early 90’s with now classic rave tunes such as What Evil Lurks, Charlie and Out of Space, they have now evolved into the powerhouse of punk rock-electronic music. Their previous outing Invaders Must Die (2009) was seen to many fans as a fresh start for the band and it brought back the sound of that 90’s rave scene to the modern listener whilst incorporating their punk-rock persona from Fat of the Land (1997); which is hailed as their best work and rightly so.

Having toured the world, been voted as the ‘best dance act of all time’ by Mixmag and teased eagerly awaiting fans with new material, to say this album is highly anticipated is truly an understatement. 

The album starts off strong, huge drums create an instantly viscous and violent sound to get the listener hooked from the get-go. When Liam stated that this will be the ‘most violent sounding record we have made’ he truly meant it. Throughout the album the listener is hit with powerful bursts of electro beats blended nicely with bombastic drumming, hard guitars and energetic, punk-style vocals on tracks like “Wall of Death” and “Rok-Weiler”. 

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