Sydney Luna Park Report by Danny Fanboy

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The Prodigy Luna Park Report by Danny Fanboy
The Prodigy Luna Park Report by Danny Fanboy

Hello my fellow Prodigy Fanboy Warriors,

So, just a few words… I’m not great at reviews and reports… so I’ll just speak as a fan as always :)

Since this being The Prodigy’s only solo show. I had some great expectations. Crazier gig, Louder, New Track and Longer Set.

The gig was definitely crazy! Only the real warriors came out to Sydney Luna Park. Real Prodigy Warriors who were their for the beats, The Prodigy! I knew going into this gig, that the crowd would be sick! And it was man. Fantastic to see and be part of all the Warriors at this gig. We were united man. It was amazing!

It definitely felt like the boys went all out for all their fans who came out that night. Among with own Warriors you know. Maxim was louder, Keith was louder, Liam in the zone! Rob all over the place haha and Leo banging of those drums of doom man. The vibe was just so amazing. You could feel it. You could see it in their eyes. This was Prodigy among their real Warriors. This was a very great gig.

By this time, the set had changed. Throughout the Future Music Festival tour. A lot of minor changes were made to the set and tracks. I felt like those gigs were testing grounds. By the time Sydney Luna Park came. Kinda felt like lots of fined tuned parts were done… if that sounds correct. Not sure how to say it.. but yeah. I’m sure by the time they do their next date, more changes would be made and should be interesting on how that goes, going forward.

As I have said, the new tracks are simply amazing! It’s hard for me to explain. YouTube videos, reviews and reports like this won’t show you how amazing the new tracks are. You must be at the gigs. This is the time all. Be at the gigs. Get the new record. This is going to be mega. Good time to be a fan.

Ok so, my expectations are always kinda wrong haha. I was hoping for a new track that wasn’t played at the festivals to be dropped at Luna Park since it was only the real Warriors out. It didn’t happen. Also, the set time was pretty much the same. The thing is, during the Festival dates. Their Law actually didn’t get played even tho it was on the setlist. Time was a problem. So during their Luna Park show. It did get played. They had enough time for that, which was great because man that track is a killer. Much loved track by the fans.

Anyhow, that is my little report all. This tour for me has been incredible. I can’t say much… but to everyone involved. Thank you very much. This was magic for me. I don’t know how lucky I am or why I deserve great things like this. But it has happened and it feels like a dream for me. My dream is real. Thank you to everyone involved.

Danny Fanboy.

  • Brett Thornton

    Never missed a Prodigy gig. Flew from Melb, just for them
    Apart from the Warriors, tracks and atmosphere, the sound quality was poor.
    There’s never enough bass for The Prodigy, but mid/high’s not mixed. And that was a big let down.
    Wouldn’t stop me being a Chief Warrior though