Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide Report by Danny Fanboy

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Brisbane Melbourne Adelaide Report by Danny Fanboy
Brisbane Melbourne Adelaide Report by Danny Fanboy

Hello all,

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Touch on the important updates…

So this particular weekend, three gigs! Brisbane, my hometown of Melbourne and Adelaide.

The Prodigy - Brisbane Setlist
The Prodigy – Brisbane Setlist

So Brisbane. At the beginning of the gig. Someone had announced that Maxim will not be at the gig. He flew home for a personal matter. The following statement had been posted a little earlier on their Facebook Page:

unfortunately due to a personal tragedy maxim will not be performing at tonights future music festival in brisbane. he is currently returning to australia and will be back for tomorrows show in melbourne and the rest of the tour.
we will still rock the f.m.f tonight for our fans.

So this gig, was definitely different. That Maxim vibe was not there. And I can say, it’s not the same without him. I felt like Rob and Keith did their absolute best on the stage and to interact with the crowd more than ever. They had brought back the full version of Firestarter. Have to say, Keith did an incredible job. Really felt for the guys that they did not have Maxim there. Must of been hard for them and would also had a lot on their minds. Tracks like Smack, Voodoo were played completely with out any MCing of lyrics… this was interesting to hear live. Was cool but it needed Maxim. There was no Smack Jump at all. Having said all of this. Respect to the boys for even playing. I feel like they didn’t have to play. But they did. They still came on stage without Maxim for the fans. This is very much appreciated by the fans there.

The Prodigy - Melbourne Setlist
The Prodigy – Melbourne Setlist

In Melbourne. Maxim was back! Man, this was a very emotional gig. You could see it in Maxim’s eyes. Very emotional and you can really feel for him. He came out and said. Dedicated of of the tracks to his mum who sadly passed away a few days ago. Man, I can’t tell you how this gig was. I was really happy for the band. To see them all together again. Maxim didn’t have to come back, but he did. Lot’s of respect to him. He really is an amazing person man. Very emotional on stage and at the same time, the band is back together feeling. They came out in full force. Much respect to everyone, especially Maxim at this very difficult time.

Adelaide. So from here. I’ll just chat about the new tracks. Actually, will note. Adelaide stage was in a building, not under a tent. This was very different from the other festival shows. Was neat for me anyhow, just different feeling you know… um, I just felt like tho from a festival point of view. That this building was hidden. Felt like most people went to stages outside or under tents. This stage was inside and felt like maybe some people might have missed it. Especially those who are just festival goers trying to discover new music.

The Prodigy - Adelaide Setlist
The Prodigy – Adelaide Setlist

So the new tracks. What can I say that I haven’t already said? These new tracks are killers man. All of them! I cannot stress that enough. I’m not just saying it because of how much I love this band. But because they are actually fucking awesome. These tracks are ahead of their time, the beats are heavy, it’s all Prodigy. It’s all Liam, Maxim, Keith Rob and Leo. It’s everything man. I cannot wait for this album. I cannot wait for all fans to see them live with these new tracks. I know most of you have been dying for a new set, this is it! I promise you that you will be so happy and so proud of all the boys. It’s amazing time to be a fan.

Danny Fanboy.