Calling all Producers/DJs [The Prodigy Fanboy Podcasts by GL0WKiD]

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I’m very happy to announce that it has been less than a month left , for the official launch of  ‘The Prodigy Fanboy Podcasts by GL0WKiD’ . First of all, I’d like to show again my appreciation to Danny, as he’s the header of the Prodigy Fanboy Team and Cosmicbadger,  who is about to create the cover/artwork for this new section.

Time to bring a special prodge buzz to every single head ouglowcallat there!

If any producer/dj  is interested & wants to send me his remix on a prodigy’s tune (320kbps  .mp3) ,  just e-mail me here:

 So..  next stop is :

                                                          “The Prodigy Fanboy Podcast by GL0WKID – session 001” (30 August)

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