Liam Howlett talks about Techno music & Rave culture (1991)

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Rapido was a BBC2 television show which ran from 1988 to 1992. In 1991, one of these shows was dealing with techno music & rave culture including contributions from Chris Peat (Altern 8) , Kevin Saunderson and our master..

Liam Howlett  (in the age of 20)


Liam 20 yrs old
Liam 20 yrs old

Check out this very interesting video (sent by Rebenszki Daniel to Fanboy Facebook page) showing Liam wearing an XL hoodie typing ‘DJs Take Control’ (classic tune by SL2) and exclusive captures of his flat in Essex, where he recorded ‘Crazy Man’ , the b-side from Everybody in the Place EP!

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