Review: Holland Gig Indian Summer Festival 2013

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Review: Holland Gig Indian Summer Festival 2013
Review: Holland Gig Indian Summer Festival 2013

Review – Indian Summer festival, 16th June 2013

Had a wicked day (day after my birthday) in Holland. It was a 260 km drive from
Landgraaf to see The Prodigy in Geestmerabacht. My mate and I arrived around 4pm and we saw the end of The Opposites with some oldschool Dutch Gabber, always nice (broodje warm vlees, kut).
We ran away from the mainstage as soon as Kane started playing and went to a club/dance stage. Too easy to dance on, but always good for some lols. Strolled around for a bit and the festival serious has it all: beautiful lake with tents and stages around with drink and food stands. Atmossphere was relaxed, hippi’ish and chill with beautiful girls everywhere… !
We teamed up with Sjakie Swart and his girlfriend around 9 and went clubbing for a while with some friends of his. Always nice to meet a big supporter of fanboy / .nl
As I was wearing a Prodigy ant flag on my bag as a cape I met loads of other Prodigy fans as well. Amazing how many fans The Prodigy have and it’s nice, but strange in a way, that people that are into The Prodigy easily connect :)

We were in 3rd row or something and a few rounds of Heineken later the new Intro kicked in: lightshow, sirens, guitar and then Voodoo! Never heard this as an opening, but it’s just perfect like and sets the tone: my Dutch people !
Then Jetfighter: celebrate the noise maker. It was alright in my opinion. After Jetfighter good old Breathe: there was a new intro to it called Filler Discontent, which was serious nice.
Then Omen, beat 55’ish. Everyone sang the lyrics out loud!
NEW TRACK (somehow I’m always lucky lol): Rock Weiler. The bass was extreme loud during the gig, so not sure what to say about this, it was techno alright. I can remember I could dance to it and the crowd was digging it as well.
After that Poison, one of my all-time favourites. Chapter 2 was serious nice with a Nookie (Limp Bizkit) guitar sample in it.
AWOL: Away Without Official Leave. In my opinion the best of the new stuff I’ve heard so far.
After AWOL, Firestarter. Keith was talking to himself in a mirror like and said something like: ‘I didn’t made me do this, The Prodigy made me do this’, sounding and looking serious psycho. The bass was killing and were also killing the vocals of Keith. Still, because of the energy of Keith and Rob it delivered and people went mad in the pit.
After Firestarter it was Run with the Wolves: serious punk!
I think between Run and Spitfast The Prodigy stopped for like 5 minutes. Some technical issues, something with Liam’s monitors and a fire, but must say after that the sound was quite better. Less overkilling bass, more melody/vocals. Spitfast has more beats than Spitfire and is serious fast. Loved it !
Time to chill for a bit with Omen Reprise. Also heard parts of the AONO demo mix, an easter egg on Their Law DVD, not sure when this was exactly… but it’s a perfect teaser.
Invaders Must Die: never really liked this song, but it’s okay live. Except for the ‘we are The Prodigy’ part which is just lame. Still loads of people like this song and shout along, so I shouldn’t whine about it.
Again a nice intro/fill for Smack My Bitch Up, Maxim still does the sitting down thingy and proves he is still the best MC in the world.

Take me to The Hospital: there were serious loads of fans dragged away by others from the pit during the whole gig and I just held myself standing and tried to dance as much as possible. I think we need to make shirts like: I survived a Prodigy pit.
New Beats / Maxim Jam: absolute 100% album material !!!
Their Law: middle finger up in the air: fuck ‘m ! Rammed my head accidentally in to some girls teeth, I’m sorry ! Hyperspeed: first time I heard this live, a perfect replacement for Out of Space, even though I missed it a bit.

After the gig we slowly went back, my ears took some serious damage lol and the day after my muscles are in pain. Anyhow; a perfect way to celebrate 31 years on this planet ! Cheers lads, respect! Cya again in Belgium for Pukkelpop!

– ET