Interview: worlds’ only full live The Prodigy tribute band – Jilted Generation

Introducing on Fanboy:
Worlds’ only full live The Prodigy tribute band – Jilted Generation

Liam Howlett: Sparky
Maxim: Jason
Keith Flint: Eddy
Drums: Robin
Guitar: Seano


Formed in 2005, these lads have been touring the UK, The Netherlands, Malta and Ireland bringing the lovely noise to our fellow warriors. If you see and hear them live, it’s actually like real: they have the proper gear, the same vibe and same energy.
We met before a gig in Tilburg, The Netherlands for a pint and a chat.


ET: First of all welcome back to The Netherlands, we met in Dublin earlier this year, amazing gig, had a serious blast. But please be honest, Ireland or Holland?
All: Holland! (but we’ve only been in Ireland once)

ET: how was the band formed?
Jason: I live in south in the same town as Eddy and I …
Eddy: … do the most (joking)
Jason: I saw this lad (Eddy) with a Prodigy T-shirt on and bumped in to ‘m and started chatting. I used to MC in the local area. Eddy said would you like to do a Prodigy tribute band and I was like, no I’m too f’ing old for that now…
Eddy: you were about 26
Jason: but then I thought, yeah okay, had a few drinks and decided to give it a go: that was it! Then I knew Sparky who was a local drum and bass producer, he had his own studio and I knew Robin as a drummer.
Robin: It was when we went to see them in the Academy, weren’t it?
Eddy: Brixton Academy
Robin: we started up with turntables, electric drumkits and all that.

ETHow difficult is it to reproduce songs while putting your own take on it?
Sparky: that’s pretty easy (joking)
To reproduce it? Well basically we wanna play a live set as much as we can, just to prove the point that it’s live, so it’s like, we’re not doing it exacly as The Prodigy does but euhm, just a slight tweak on it, here and there, put our own stamp on it.
Robin: Trying to make it more live isn’t it, with the guitar and the drums…
Jason: …samples, loads of samples and stuff.
Robin: we kind of like recreate, to make our own versions.
Sparky: sometimes were there and like a Prodigy track and we think how are we going to do this and then  you might even try and replicate what the prodigy is doing. But in the process of that it ends up being slighty different anyway. And then we’ll take that, cause it’s, you know what I mean, our own variation like.

ET: I’ve read you’re also making own material now, how is that getting along?
Sparky: we have some good stuff! We play out some couple of tracks live, we’ve got a few bits and bobs, we’ve collaborated with some producers in the UK, some are on Itunes at the moment as well and that did quite well on the UK dance chart.

ETOkay nice, festival season coming up, excited?
Jason: you know it’s gonna be a bang crowd and it’s gonna be chaos as soon as we get on really, we really do enjoy festivals, really do.
Eddy: this summer we are doing festivals that we’ve done before and some that are new. This is the second time we’re in Tilburg. We’re doing Freshtival, headlining Glastenbudget and all that. We’re doing a few ‘fake’ festivals and all that. Two in Yorkshire and a few dance festivals as well.

ETThe Prodigy is in the pre-jetfighter era right now, what is your favourite track so far and did you manage to implement them on the setlist yet?
Jason: no, if they’ve not released it we’re are not going to recreate it. We are tribute band to them and we respect them for what they do. We don’t want to basically take the piss and push them into our live sets which they haven’t even released themselves. So basically Liam is f’ing real.
Sparky: we’re are comfortable in replicating the mashups and the reworks of stuff that has already been released rather then doing stuff that hasn’t been released yet.

ETwhat is your favourite song to perform live on stage and how is the buzz like to perform them yourselves live?
Sparky: SMBU, of all tracks of all time, the one that never fails
Jason: mine at the moment, Everybody in the Place mix, because that’s my background, because it’s oldskool, for me it’s really cool.
Robin: it’s hard, Breathe I’d say. Everything is just fundamentally in that track.
Seano: at the moment propablly spitfire. I used to really like it and then we dropped it. And then we decided to do Spitfire/Spitfast as well. You know it’s simple but effective like.

Setlist Extase Tilburg, May 18, 2013:

Voodoo People / Voodoo Beats
Spitfire/WoF(short mix)/Spitfast
Diesel Power
Everybody in the Place (mix)
Thunder DUB
Firestarter (mix)
action LINK
Run with the Wolves
Break and Enter (new remix)
Wind it Up (mix)
Smack my Bitch Up (mix)
——- encore ——-
Point of no Return (own track)
Invaders must Die
Their Law
Out of Space