The Prodigy Fanboy Jetfighter Banner Competition!

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The Prodigy Fanboy
The Prodigy Fanboy

G’day all!

I know how much we all love our current Fanboy Banner created by However it’s time for an update! A Jetfighter update!

So, we’re running a competition! Design and Jetfighter themed banner. The prize? We use your Banner :P Team Fanboy will select the winner.

The dimensions we’re looking at are:

Option one: Width: 936. Height: 400.

Option two: Width: 936. Height: 300.

Option three: Width: 936. Height: 200.

Once you have created your Banners (Yes, you can create more than one!). Send them to:

Also, if you can keep our iconic Fanboy Pink colour in there, that would be ace!

End date is: 31st October. Good luck!