BBC Radio 1 Session with The Prodigy 2002

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Babys Got A Temper
Babys Got A Temper

Hello everyone, our News Reporter Andrea Prodigy Alfa has come across a nice find.

The boys were on BBC’s Radio 1 station to promote their latest release at the time, Babys Got A Temper.

The boys talk about the record, the video clip, recording process n’ so on. It’s interesting that Liam says there’s going to be another single release before the end of the year (2002) and an album early next year (2003).

As we all know, that didn’t happen. Both Girls and AONO came out in August 2004.

Anyhow, enjoy the audio guys!

Credit: Fanboy News Reporter Andrea Prodigy Alfa for the find and EnterTheDirtchamber for the YouTube upload.

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  • Vespinie01

    yes the single’s he was talking about are the one’s the played at there mini tour i think. That summer at 3 festivals in the netherland germany and belgium. 

  • Marcelotorta

    Brillante !!!!!!!!!

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Mmm, I wonder what tracks he is talking about. I have no idea. Do you know?

  • Pawe? Markiewicz

    Maybe ‘Nuclear’ or ‘Vacation’ (?)

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Ahh yes that would be right! Those were the tracks being played live at the time. I read somewhere that, some parts of the track Nuclear ended up on other tracks on AONO.

  • Pawe? Markiewicz

    What a shame that those tracks weren’t released! I like BGAT despite Liam doesn’t like it. I like videoclip to BGAT also. I think it is good that it was released :D

  • The Prodigy Fanboy

    Oh yeah. It definitely was an important time for the group. BGAT video is one of the best!