My Top 20 The Prodigy Tracks

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Hello everyone. Hope all is well :)

I’ve been getting alot of people asking me whats my favorite tunes n’ all. I get it all the time. So I decided to create a video.

I was going to make a Top 10. However I was leaving out a few good tracks. So I went with a Top 20 instead. There are many tracks I still love, however these Top 20 are tracks I have listened to thousands of times over and over.

Oh yeah, a heads up. Breathe and Firestarter are not in my Top 20! Did your head explode? Haha.

Also, want to say. For favorite album, it’s The Prodigy’s 2nd album: Music for the Jilted Generation :)

Click the Heading of this Post or click the Read More link below to view My Top 20 Tracks.

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