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Author Topic: What you want in the new prodigy setlist?  (Read 70 times)


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New beats, AONO tracks and since they are teasing rave music what about Liam get a W-30 and make a song named Raw Beats.


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Re: What you want in the new prodigy setlist?
« Reply #1 on: A week ago »
Wouldn't mind some stuff from AONO. Namely Girls and Memphis Bells, but that won't happen. 

Maybe something they haven't played in a long time like Warriors Dance would be nice. They normally drop something old at the end of year UK shows.


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Re: What you want in the new prodigy setlist?
« Reply #2 on: A week ago »
im praying to every relligion that they will play Comanche (The Big Gundown) live again.

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Re: What you want in the new prodigy setlist?
« Reply #3 on: A week ago »
I'm assuming full reboot of the set. New era, new tracks.

They could easily drop a lot of tracks on the current set, insert 5 new tracks.

No old ones previously not in set, won't make the list. For example AONO & so on...

But, that's justly guess...