"'Posion' introduced lyrics for the first time. It doesn't mean anything but people can relate to those words in whichever way they choose. That started to open up other possibilities to the band, both in the terms of the gigs and on record." - Maxim


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The Prodigy / Re: Liam's Jacket
« Last post by Schoolboy Error on 4 days ago »
I've no idea but I think I know someone who would know, I'll see what I can find out for you.
The Prodigy / Liam's Jacket
« Last post by Sir.Kebab on A week ago »
hello you all i just wanted to ask a quick question. does anybody knows where i can buy this jacket that liam is wearing ? i really fucking love it. and i need it.
greetings Sir.kebab

The Prodigy / The mandela effect on prodigy songs
« Last post by sks2002 on A week ago »
I have one for the song smack my bitch up and its near the ending (and I added a time stamp for it.) I can briefly remember that is saids smack my bitch up on that part and I can swear that it was on there. https://youtu.be/3VKqAmJICV4?t=4m56s
The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« Last post by Schoolboy Error on A week ago »
Nah didn't bother picking them up, I like the artist but am buying a new house, getting big (expensive) new tattoos etc at the moment so couldn't be fucked to throw
Did they give a reason why?
I think because Liam isn't really keen on the album, besides it's coming into 15 years by 2018 but knowing XL they won't do it unless Liam saids so.
Did they give a reason why?
Will never happen.

That's it really.

I've questioned it to a few people, it won't happen.

As for want I personally would like. I want it to be AONO v1. That's the holy grail. Beyond No Souvenirs level for me. Apparently only a few copies were made.
The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« Last post by Danny Fanboy on A week ago »
I'm understand where the band is at & having all this is all neat n' all.

But I'm still kinda bitter over the messaging to the fans... don't tell me tunes are coming & we doing EPs & then we get some toys.


Did you end up picking these up?  I didn't, I'm pretty much done...
That was awesome! Adding my my library! thanks for sharing mate  :-*
Sports / Re: WWE
« Last post by Danny Fanboy on A week ago »
Overall WrestleMania was pretty good. Strange with no backstage segments...

The highlight for me was KO putting his finger on the ropes lol. Classic!  :-*
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