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Liam says the new album will be like the previous album The Day Is My Enemy  but only more 'old school'.

Link: http://www.scmp.com/culture/music/article/2117914/liam-howlett-prodigy-fake-controversy-bands-fired-frontman-flint-and?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

So is it safe to say along a similar vein to AWOL Strike One?
The Prodigy / Re: Live Setlist Talk
« Last post by sks2002 on 14 hours ago »
They might add AONO tracks onto the new setlists soon.
The Prodigy / Re: Live Setlist Talk
« Last post by Kev on 18 hours ago »
When did they last play that?

China, swapping out Their Law cos of censorship or some bollox
The Prodigy / Re: Live Setlist Talk
« Last post by WhatEvilLurks on 18 hours ago »
Checking out the most recent setlist from Clockenflap in Hong Kong, Spitfire appears to be back in the set.  https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-prodigy/2017/central-harbourfront-event-space-hong-kong-hong-kong-be0e552.html When did they last play that?

Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan played guitar with them too!
The Prodigy Live / Re: Australia 2016 Announced!
« Last post by WhatEvilLurks on 6 days ago »
I mean, it's fine for what it is. Korn is a strong headliner, Prophets of Rage and Limp Bizkit will put on a good show, Gojira and Mastadon are two of the best live bands in the industry. Good Charlotte, Northlane, Ocean Grove, Alpha Wolf,  Trophy Eyes, Falling in Reverse and Of Mice & Men will bring in the younger demographic - it's a good start.  It just needs a bit more star power. I shouldn't have expected the gargantuan lineups the UK get every year , considering what it takes to run a festival here. I won't be attending, but I truly hope it does well, should lead to bigger and better lineups if so. 
The Prodigy Live / Re: Australia 2016 Announced!
« Last post by Flannerz on A week ago »
Does that Download curator think it's still the early 00's?
"Old-school". This bit intrigues me greatly.
Smack my Bitch Up with Christmas bells confirmed!

My bells are jingling with excitement  :D
The Prodigy Live / Re: Australia 2016 Announced!
« Last post by Danny Fanboy on A week ago »
Shame  :(

Well, seems like a festival for whoever is 30+
The Prodigy Live / Re: Australia 2016 Announced!
« Last post by WhatEvilLurks on 3 weeks ago »
There is now a countdown until the lineup reveal for Download Australia - https://www.downloadfestival.com.au/

System of a Down, Korn, Paramore, Limp Bizkit, Northlane and Prophets of Rage are all rumoured to be on it.

UPDATE - Lineup is now out, and it's kinda average - https://www.downloadfestival.com.au/lineup/poster

Like someone mentioned previously, looks like we won
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