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Will never happen.

That's it really.

I've questioned it to a few people, it won't happen.

As for want I personally would like. I want it to be AONO v1. That's the holy grail. Beyond No Souvenirs level for me. Apparently only a few copies were made.

The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« on: 2 weeks ago »
I'm understand where the band is at & having all this is all neat n' all.

But I'm still kinda bitter over the messaging to the fans... don't tell me tunes are coming & we doing EPs & then we get some toys.


Did you end up picking these up?  I didn't, I'm pretty much done...

That was awesome! Adding my my library! thanks for sharing mate  :-*

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: 2 weeks ago »
Overall WrestleMania was pretty good. Strange with no backstage segments...

The highlight for me was KO putting his finger on the ropes lol. Classic!  :-*

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: A month ago »
Haha yeah, look at Ric Flair. Retired & then did an entire run at TNA then came back haha.

The Prodigy / Re: Voodoo People
« on: A month ago »
Mmm, that is odd. However that could be the case mate.

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: A month ago »
So Shawn Michaels revealed he turned down WM AJ vs Michaels. He respects his career ending match with Taker at previous WM...

Shame, would have been awesome.

I was messin' around with Unstoppable. Stole a piece from a fan mix and from their Prodigy's first version and Mescaline. If someone can add the horn sound or what it is, be my guest...
Unstoppable: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/LeL1d
Also added a new mix with the dirtchamber beats, that I tried to do something with. Didn't go that well though...

Brother link down ... any chance you can link me up or PM????

Well... nothings happening... it's hard... especially when they say yeah EPs more often & so on. Nothings happening at all. It's really disappointing. I'm actually getting kinda sick of it

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: A month ago »
Absolutely agree with you.

Shame about Mania... lets see tho... maybe the matches set ... everyone will give it 100%.

I like the AJ vs Shane... will be good for sure... but AJ does deserve more.

Awesome thanks  :-*

Always loved the one attached

The Prodigy / Re: Prodigy Stuff on EBay
« on: A month ago »
There's a copy of the infamous 'Did Charly Kill Rave' edition of Mixmag on Ebay if anyone's looking for one:


Should be interesting how much this goes for. I have a copy in better condition... actually mines pretty much 100%...

Man this book has gone through so much. I just hope Martin makes some cash out of this man. Guys been through a bit of struggles sounds like.. but good to hear updates & things happening.

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