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Nothing about the new stuff, poor review. This review feels like a copy/paste job.

Glad to hear that Resonate isn't the single.

Single needs to be the shit, Resonate isn't.

This whole thing has been weird, maybe they weren't all too pleased how the UK gigs went down.

As long as there's still an album this year, it's all good I guess.

General Talk / Re: Question about Maxim
« on: A month ago »
Well yeah... true but I don't see it ...

Utterly belated as standard but yuletide felicitations and happy New Year to you all, hope you had a mega Xmas.

Excited to see what new noise 2018 brings!


Man 2018 will be good for sure , good times  8)

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: A month ago »
Yep, the road to WrestleMania is here!  :D

For the woman's Royal Rumble match, my money is on Ronda Rousey coming at No.30 & winning. Setting up the match for Ronda Vs Charlotte at WrestleMania.

For the men's Royal Rumble match, absolutely no idea. I would like to see AJ Styles winning it, however as he's the champion... that won't happen. So maybe... mmm... Kevin Owens. That will set up for AJ Vs Kevin, where Jericho will interfere the match to help 'his friend' again.

How about you bro? Have some guesses for both woman's & men's!

The Prodigy / Re: Warriors Dance beta found.
« on: A month ago »
Incredible this got out, nice to listen to something like this....

I prefer the album version, it's alright.

Single this month, album first quarter.

My guess...

We might still have a chance for some type of news coming this year, if theistic to routines... one of the BK crew brought this up & it makes sense.

Nasty Nasty was announce on 29th December 2014 for a early Jan 2015 release.

So we might be in for some incoming news...


Only if they boys stick to their routine...

General Talk / Re: Question about Maxim
« on: A month ago »
Not a beatboxer.

Nope, more like this one lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbL3NfWJUQs

I think this sums up Liam's announcement of a single this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc7jblpaPdM

The Prodigy / Re: Rob's moving on
« on: 2 months ago »
From what I heard, it was just for this tour...

But who knows whats going on behind closed doors.....

General Talk / Re: Merry Christmas To Everyone!
« on: 2 months ago »
Merry Christmas to all  :-*

Thanks for kind words @WhatEvilLurks , but I have to say it's all on here who make it what it is. So much love & respect to you all man. This site isn't what it used to be, but it's alive through you all. That means a lot.

I had a really neat Christmas. Celebrated our first one with my daughter. It's magic man, really is.

Unfortunately I had to leave them in country side Australia as I come back today, on Christmas Day back to Melbourne for work. For a few days then go back again.

But yeah, hope everyone is having a few beers with the family, enjoy this time of year  :-*

Yeah, kinda depressing... we get the message about the single & the usual happens. Shame. But it's ok I guess... In Liam We Trust...

Who knows what's going on behind closed doors. So yea...

But would love to hear something, if no single... let us know man.... the messaging with the fans is not so great...

The Prodigy Live / Re: 2018 Russian Tour
« on: 3 months ago »
Sometimes it makes you wish, you lived on that side of the world...

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