"When the van comes to pick me up it's great because as soon as we get to the airport I know we are going to have a laugh. As soon as the shows start, we become a unit. Within that unit I feel safe." - Maxim


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The Prodigy / Re: Squatter Prodigy Rave
« on: 13 hours ago »
Bahahahaha I fucking love this!

Man, this would have been a life experience to be there lmao!

Not sure how I feel for Everybody as opener...

When you get to the gig, the boys pop out... everyone full of energy... you really need something very heavy...

EITP is "too fun" as an opener for me...

Sweet! Downloading & will listen in my car mate  :-*

Yep, a change. But "same" to me.

Still that "Liam New Beats New EP No Change Same Thing" going on .... >:(

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but a lot of fans on social media feel the same way. There are some pretty funny memes going around lol.

Then Liam posted on Instagram that beats are being written....

Let's see, two more dates in Russia now...

New one from November Russian Tour:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKNoU2P0dQc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKNoU2P0dQc</a>

Nothing new on the first date.


First off: Liam say's he'll drop EPs yearly or something like that. That was yonks ago now. Nothing! Please I need this messaging to the fans to stop. Because we then expect snippets to drop live or something.

Second: This is the 2nd tour in Russia since November? So close! & it's the same set.

At end of day, it's Liam's messaging. Kills me.

Anyhow, three more dates to go. Let's see...

I probably have the worst memory out of everyone on here haha. Honestly think I have some issue going on.

Having said that, I won't be surprised if some of us are living on a parallel universe   :-*

Well yeah, pretty much!

Except I'll still post anything major when I can on the main site & make sure everything is still functional...

Really appreciate the support on here! & yeah I'll still be around you know.

Hey all,

Not sure if anyone's noticed, but I did put up a message on Fanboy site: http://theprodigyfanboy.com

As you may have noticed, I will be here on the forum from time to time.


The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« on: A week ago »
Nah didn't bother picking them up, I like the artist but am buying a new house, getting big (expensive) new tattoos etc at the moment so couldn't be fucked to throw

Ah yes, a home loan?... that will definitely put an end to buying these type of things. My loan is killing me, housing so expensive in Melbourne!

You know what's even more weird than not having an Expanded version of this record? That their is hard any live footage of any AONO on YouTube.  I mean,... you'll find more Jilted/EXP live footage than AONO.... weird!

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: A week ago »
Have also now cancelled your WWE Network? Or keeping it?

The Prodigy / Re: Liam's Jacket
« on: A week ago »
He's wearing it in your avi. You should have nicked it!

Dammit, I didn't even think to ask him at the time even tho back then I knew I loved it. You kinda don't think when you're around them haha. You know...

well i have good news and some bad news.
the good news is that i found liam's jacket.
it is a Punk Drunkers jacket from japan,
the bad news is the fact that they are very rare and expensive.
here is a link to the shop that has one of the jackets in stock

Jesus. Looks like none of us will ever have it! Crazy amount of money!

The Prodigy / Re: Liam's Jacket
« on: 4 weeks ago »
Man, I'd love to have that jacket as well. So very neat!

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