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Legend!  :-*

I'm assuming full reboot of the set. New era, new tracks.

They could easily drop a lot of tracks on the current set, insert 5 new tracks.

No old ones previously not in set, won't make the list. For example AONO & so on...

But, that's justly guess...

Question: I got my tickets on gigsandtours and they told me I need to come collect my tickets for box office collection? Does that mean I have to collect tickets at the gig itself or before it? At the venue or somewhere else?

I've never had this before with any Dutch gig I went to lol

I've had this many times before, it means you got to pick up your tickets on day of event. So at the venue, they'll be a office or something... like a ticket line... except this gig I'm assuming is sold out, so it will only be pick up tickets. So make sure you have photo ID with you. I'd also go early just in case others are there & there's a big line.

If anything, I'd contact support just to make sure mate. Better safe than sorry.

Best guess right now...

One week before gigs. News of first single. Date of video clip, single release and so on.

Video by MIXMAG

The evolution of The Prodigy

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFKQzcFX91w" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFKQzcFX91w</a>

The Prodigy / Re: The Prodigy Online Store
« on: 3 weeks ago »
Just incase for those who didn't receive an email notification.

The Online Store has some discounts right now, some items up to 50% off.

Link: https://theprodigy.tmstor.es

I picked up a few fox tees myself  8)


Still no word on the support acts is there? :s

Tilburg gets Dope D.O.D

I've got a sneaky suspicion it might be HO99O9 for UK.

Dope on The Day live? That would be so neat!

Does such a playlist exist? Or anyone up to create it? Looking for all the tracks in the Dirtchamber Sessions.

Leeroy Interview. He mentions the new album. Liam talked to him about it, watch the whole thing it's pretty good  :-*

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vTDOu1aDRw" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vTDOu1aDRw</a>

Sports / Re: WWE
« on: 3 weeks ago »
Yeah not bad ey! They're doing pretty good right now.

They just need to splash some cash and get Bullet Club in.....

Best season coming up soon. I'll be getting the Network again for the Rumble till Mania.

Shame  :(

Well, seems like a festival for whoever is 30+

Like someone mentioned previously, looks like we won

Liam says the new album will be like the previous album The Day Is My Enemy  but only more 'old school'.

Link: http://www.scmp.com/culture/music/article/2117914/liam-howlett-prodigy-fake-controversy-bands-fired-frontman-flint-and?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

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