"'Firestarter' was a risk, we had never done a fully vocal track before and Keith had never sung before. It was hardly the safe option.  We could have turned out the same old tunes over and over again, but that's not what The Prodigy are about.  We are about taking risks." - Maxim


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The Prodigy / Re: FOTL Signed Poster
« on: 3 days ago »
Yeah these things are always hand signed.

Well done to those who managed to grab an item. This was super quick!

The Prodigy / Re: Any news on a new album?
« on: 3 days ago »
Well recently a certain image on Instagram was pulled.... Not sure if anyone noticed.... I won't post it... I think I've deleted it too now..

But it had six tracks listed.... so possibly a EP is just now complete & going through the final stages & planning for release.

A new album? Won't happen. Not in my opinion anyway. Well...m mm... lol.

Ok, if it does, give it another 3 years lol. Direction? Hip Hop!

for the people who havent noticed it, the prodigy lust for live remix has been put on the spotify page of iggy pop.
just so you know.


I recently just got back onto Spotify!

A Fanboy Discord?

Nah it's too much. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & this forum? Well for me it's too much at the moment...

But if you guys prefer it over there, then yeah why not...

The Prodigy / Re: Prodigy Stuff on EBay
« on: 3 days ago »
Lol wut? 


Well... we knew this would happen... too bad a gold one went to someone who would actually put it on eBay....

The 2004 touring and secondary logo

Love this one, used to have it on my old car!

Don't mind going back... Minefields is great! Just wish it was new stuff...

The Prodigy Live / Re: Chisinaua vid
« on: 3 months ago »
Love this view! Very RAW!

Man a fan to record this, respect. Because you're not 100% focused in the gig itself you know....??? you're too busy thinking of the video & so on. So well done & thanks to this guy man.

So, are they planning a new album? 6 new tracks he's working on? Or bits for new EP? Would like to know the direction... Hip Hop? Techno?

Is there a FAT anniversary coming out?

This interview just gave me more questions to ask haha. Dammit!

Good interview, well done  :-*

The Prodigy / Re: Liam Howlett's Instagram
« on: 3 months ago »
I just love it because it's an uncommon track being covered, real fans right there man  :-*

Fanboy is here to stay, hosting & domains are fairly cheap. So all good.

Thanks for kind words man. I really do hope it was something like a second Nekosite you know. That level of site in it's prime.

But really it wouldn't have been possible without you guys supporting it all. Taking the time to visit & also participate on here you know.

Whenever something major happens, when I get time, I'll write. But I won't be going out of my way like I have been for so many years. To post something on Fanboy or social networks you know.

From time to time, I'll jump on forums. Because this will end up being way more active than the site itself...

But yeah, thanks to you man. Really appreciate your support. Means a lot.

The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« on: 3 months ago »
You guys should get a cost of living discount to make up for all the insects and animals in Australia that want to kill you.  Like, literally everything there wants you dead. 

LMAO! Petition! Death by Anything Allowance lol.

Man, in my area. The land is so bad. It's all spiders! It's so hard to keep them out of my house man. Almost daily I see another one to kill!

I've tried everything but these spiders won't go away. You don't want to chill on my lawn lol.

Man that intro is so epic!!!!  :-*

Video / App Games / Re: E3 2017
« on: 3 months ago »
Agree with everything you've said mate!  :-*

Can't wait for Crash remakes! Not long now!

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