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The Prodigy Live / Re: Chisinaua vid
« on: A month ago »
Love this view! Very RAW!

Man a fan to record this, respect. Because you're not 100% focused in the gig itself you know....??? you're too busy thinking of the video & so on. So well done & thanks to this guy man.

So, are they planning a new album? 6 new tracks he's working on? Or bits for new EP? Would like to know the direction... Hip Hop? Techno?

Is there a FAT anniversary coming out?

This interview just gave me more questions to ask haha. Dammit!

Good interview, well done  :-*

The Prodigy / Re: Liam Howlett's Instagram
« on: A month ago »
I just love it because it's an uncommon track being covered, real fans right there man  :-*

Fanboy is here to stay, hosting & domains are fairly cheap. So all good.

Thanks for kind words man. I really do hope it was something like a second Nekosite you know. That level of site in it's prime.

But really it wouldn't have been possible without you guys supporting it all. Taking the time to visit & also participate on here you know.

Whenever something major happens, when I get time, I'll write. But I won't be going out of my way like I have been for so many years. To post something on Fanboy or social networks you know.

From time to time, I'll jump on forums. Because this will end up being way more active than the site itself...

But yeah, thanks to you man. Really appreciate your support. Means a lot.

The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« on: A month ago »
You guys should get a cost of living discount to make up for all the insects and animals in Australia that want to kill you.  Like, literally everything there wants you dead. 

LMAO! Petition! Death by Anything Allowance lol.

Man, in my area. The land is so bad. It's all spiders! It's so hard to keep them out of my house man. Almost daily I see another one to kill!

I've tried everything but these spiders won't go away. You don't want to chill on my lawn lol.

Man that intro is so epic!!!!  :-*

Video / App Games / Re: E3 2017
« on: A month ago »
Agree with everything you've said mate!  :-*

Can't wait for Crash remakes! Not long now!

Technology / Re: Apple : WWDC17
« on: A month ago »
Yeah apparently three phones??? iPhone 8, 8 Plus & iPhone Edition to mark 10 years. But not sure if this will happen at WWDC...

Video / App Games / Re: E3 2017
« on: A month ago »
The Last of Us 2 would be so good! First one was ace!

I just really enjoy the presentations. Will be watching replays for both Microsoft & Sony.

I am a Sony Fanboy haha. I honestly feel like Sony have dominated this era with the PS4. They learnt their mistakes with the PS3.

However now, this has really put Microsoft in a position where they have to dig deep. So they could have many major things coming!

Video / App Games / E3 2017
« on: A month ago »
E3 2017


Nintendo: From what I understand they are not there this year? Will only be a Direct? But I think they'll do the usual... show off one major title. Push 3rd party that will be cancelled anyway.

Microsoft: Xbox Scorpio name reveal. They need to really push their product & new games. I think they will, thay have too. They'll end the show with a Halo teaser of course.

Sony: Lot's of surprises, lots of games that will end up delayed, Spiro the Dragon remastered.

Technology / Apple : WWDC17
« on: A month ago »
Apple : WWDC17


So what are you hoping for?

For iOS: Hopefully useful updates & an OS that won't slow down my iPhone 6. Other than that, there's nothing I really need I think.

For WatchOS: More Watch Faces & Modular to have more than 6 slots, 8 would be neat.

Let's see what happens... maybe a setlist change after Russia?

Most likely not  :(

But who knows...

After requesting Memphis Bells a few days, they're now teasing it. I take full credit for that. 8)

However not playing the full song is the epitome of musical blue balls.  :-\

Oh really? When did you tease bro? I think Liam does read all comments & so on. So who knows! Hope maybe there was a chance... that Liam re-visited AONO...

The Prodigy / Re: Ryca 'Rave Heroes' Collab
« on: A month ago »
Sweet! Hope you guys fine a good place man. A studio would be so neat!

Yeah man. In Sydney, you need a million dollars minimum now.

I'm in the West Side of Melbourne. The cheap and ruff side of town man. Only here because it's cheap. I'm always in fear my house will be invaded. It's now very common.

By cheap, I mean $470,000 AUD. So yeah, I'm fucked.

funny how the setlist got songs from every album the prodigy made except AONO
just put hotride or spitfire in the setlist once.
loved the way hotride was performed live with keith as a extra vocal.

Always love Keith on Hotride.

It's a real shame about AONO. That album is such an important time for the band. It represents a bad time, a bad time they were able to get through.

I truely believe if there was a way to 'delete' an album. AONO would be deleted.

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