The Prodigy Fanboy is Mobile Ready.

These are some of the mobile devices supported:

Elaine/3.0, iPhone, iPod, Palm, EudoraWeb, Blazer, AvantGo, Windows CE, Cellphone, Small, MMEF20, Danger, hiptop, Proxinet, ProxiNet, Newt, PalmOS, NetFront, SHARP-TQ-GX10, SonyEricsson, SymbianOS, UP.Browser, UP.Link, TS21i-10, MOT-V, portalmmm, DoCoMo, Opera Mini, Palm, Handspring, Nokia, Kyocera, Samsung, Motorola, Mot, Smartphone, Blackberry, WAP, SonyEricsson, PlayStation Portable, LG, MMP,OPWV, Symbian, EPOC and more!